Obssesive love disorder

Alright, here is the thing. I’ve been obsessed with a colleague for over a month now. I am always trying to see what he is doing and if he encounters some problems at work. I think about him after I go home, and those around us start to notice my overconcern about him. I discovered that there is something called obsessive love disorder, and its symptoms resemble mine. It’s written that this disorder can accompany those with OCD too. I am unsure how to stop it, so please give me some ideas. Thanks. :face_with_thermometer:

This made me laugh when I saw it was from you, Kristin. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.
I think that you should probably talk with your therapist about it if you still go to therapy. If not, you can still give your therapist a call, at least. My fair guess is that something in this person makes you attracted to him and turns him into an obsession for you. Try to figure out what is the case with that obsession before approaching that person.

Honestly, I remember at least two cases where I’ve been like Kristin. I couldn’t figure out what was the reason at the end. Of course, I never approached the women I was obsessed with due to fear of rejection.

I would also laugh if it were someone like me who posted that. I am trying to figure out where my obsession with this person comes from. I have experienced similar ones before but not so intense and suffocating.

Well, a couple of days have passed now. I am interested to know are you still so obsessed or if you maybe found something else that can keep you busy. :grin:

Hi Kristin, I think you should try to talk with this person in a friendly manner. That way, you have a better chance to know more about him and determine where your obsession comes from. It is possible that he reminds you of someone or has something you have been searching for in a person.

I was also thinking the same. I am considering asking a friend to help me approach him somehow. The problem is that I am terrified not to look awkward in some way and mess up my words.

You will if you think too much about it. Try to be as natural and laidback as possible. Maybe wait until your emotions cool down a little bit. To make this happen, you should concentrate your energy elsewhere.

This sounds stupid. I think that you should not involve a third person in the drama but figure out how to deal with it yourself. I believe that Sofie gave you good advice by friendly approaching the person when you feel ready.

I have already talked with him casually and want to know him more. I really like him and feel ashamed of creating this topic. Please excuse me for the additional drama.

No worries. There are no inappropriate topics here as long as we respect each other. I am glad that your case has progressed, and I hope that someone helped you with sound advice.

You all helped me a lot, and I am super thankful for that. Also, I am grateful for your patience and understanding of sometimes lost minds like me. At least someone can find my case helpful or laugh while reading. Both ways it’s positive emotions.

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