OCD according to religion

I have a somewhat unusual question. I feel curious about those of you who are religious and talked with a priest about your OCD. I want to know what advice the priest gave you and their overall opinion about OCD. Did they tell you that you might have evil spirits in yourself?

I recommend you read this story. CASTING OUT THE OCD DEMON – OCD & CHRISTIANITY
The pastor told the young woman that the presence of fear and doubt could be interpreted as a spiritual problem. She did not get rid of her OCD that way, but she claims that relying on faith makes her existence more peaceful.

I took a look at it, and it sounds interesting. Even those who are not religious, relying on God or, alternatively - the universe about what happens with their OCD symptoms might reduce anxiety. At least it creates the belief that some superior power will take care of things instead of us.

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I find your points of view interesting. It makes so much sense that relying on something more powerful than you for the things that are about to happen can alleviate stress. I will look for ways to implement similar belief systems in myself.

It seems wise, isn’t it? When you remember some of the most challenging moments in life, you probably said to yourself that you are doing your best and then hoping for the best. Thinking that way daily can relieve stress in the long term.

I don’t think that anyone should associate what is written in the religious books and what our disorders are. There are so many religions, texts, and interpretations that trying to find logic is a waste of time and would cause additional stress.

I am not religious, but I think that most religions are similar in that we can’t see everything around us and that we should not worship those on earth because we are all human and faulty in some way. So believing in something sacred and praying for good can only bring good to our lives.

I might agree here; at least it doesn’t hurt to do so. However, nothing more than this makes sense to me.

Usually, you have to believe a little bit to make things work. I guess you heard about the phenomenon where no matter how ridiculous something is, it has the potential to happen when the individual believes it.

Yes, I know about this saying. It helps me understand how ridiculous things happen :slight_smile:
A good solution is finding my own ridiculous thing to believe in.

This should tell how important it is to do what you believe in. That way, things will happen naturally for you, and you will be happy. So simple and powerful, right?

Yeah, explaining matters that way can make everyone do what they want. I will write it down in my notebook because I love how it sounds.

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By the way, I used to be religious in the past, and when I look back at my personality back then I was more kind, forgiving, and loving. I am still now but there is a significant difference from who i used to be.

It sounds logical that you used to be a “better” person. I am curious about what changed in your life so that you stopped being that religious.

My interests changed a lot. Also, I traveled to a few countries and learned how to like people regardless of their religion and somehow got distant from mine.

I understand your situation. I also put more importance into liking people for who they are instead of what they believe in. All the differences apart, we all want to be respected and loved.

I also prefer to believe in this view instead of discriminating. It also makes me feel better and content with myself.

I spent some time a couple of years ago to understand the purpose of all different religions. Apart from creating boundaries between people and being culturally relevant, I could not find much sense.

Religion can serve many different purposes for different people, and it can be complex to understand how it shapes individuals and societies. Understandably, you may have found it challenging to understand the purpose of different religions after spending time exploring them. However, I still try to appreciate those teachings for their emphasis on compassion, forgiveness, and the common humanity of all people.

Even though I disagree with your opinion, I understand your point of view. However, try to look from a positive perspective, and you will likely come to completely different conclusions.