OCD After a Breakup

Originally published at: OCD After a Breakup: How to Cope and Heal

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I recently broke up with my long-term partner, and now I find myself in a dark place. My anxiety has worsened, and I don’t feel whole anymore. I understand it is for good because we realized we were not compatible. Nevertheless, I miss the comfort of having her in my life. Maybe hearing that someone with OCD who has gone through the same will make me feel better.

First, it’s a good sign that you understand that you were not compatible and decided to end it. You have to accept that you will feel empty for a while, but eventually, you will move on. Changing the environment and starting new hobbies will ease up the process. Also, more therapy sessions will improve your OCD symptoms too. You got it mate :muscle:

What helped me before was changing my habits and lifestyle so that nothing reminds me of the past moments. I also remember spending significant time at the gym. Eventually, you will meet new people who might make you feel better too.

Thanks, buddies. I am already kind of better than a few days ago, but obviously, it will take some time. I like the idea of changing my habits and eliminating most things that remind me of this person. That would be difficult as we were together for a long time, but I will figure it out.

Hey Ben, I am sorry to hear about your breakup. I am happy that you are willing to continue with your life and discover new things you like. May I know what type of OCD you suffer from? Maybe then I can give you more specific advice for coping with it.

I suffer from harm OCD, and the thoughts I’ve had this month were bothersome. I start to recover and be the same nice guy my friends say I am little by little. I will be happy to hear your advice as well.

There are no cool OCD subtypes, but Harm OCD can be one of the most challenging. One of the things you can try is restructuring your thoughts. For instance, if you have thoughts of harming others, ask yourself whether you hurt somebody before. Most likely, this havent happened intentionally, just like we all haven’t done any harm to others with the intention to.

I have never hurt anyone intentionally before. It’s so ironic that everyone around me considers me a kind-hearted person who won’t kill a fly. At the same time, I am afraid of harming someone one day. Asking myself that question often enough will most likely help me. :pray: