OCD and ADHD diagnosis

Is there someone here who is diagnosed with both ADHD and OCD? I have an OCD diagnosis, but sometimes I feel somewhat restless and distracted. I can’t imagine treating both conditions :frowning:

Dear Eva, do not get discouraged. In fact, many people are diagnosed with both conditions. I even personally know some people who manage both disorders. The crucial part is to find a good therapist who will evaluate your individual case and suggest a proper treatment plan. Also, try to focus on the good side of what the disorders can bring you. For instance, thinking outside the box, taking your time to daydream and come up with different ideas and etc.

I have a mild form of OCD and ADHD, and it can be annoying at times. Medicine didn’t work with me because one condition’s symptoms used to worsen while I was treating the other one. I am coping with ACT and gym.

I am about to meet another good therapist in the capital city. My hopes are that he will find a promising approach for both disorders if I eventually have ADHD. I will text back next week to let you know what happened. Take care. :yum: