OCD and ADHD medication

Long story short, I have both OCD and ADHD and was prescribed different medication for both conditions last week. My therapist said to take the medicine and see if it works after some time. However, I have an inner feeling that this is not going to make me feel better, and overall, I do not want to continue with a similar treatment for the rest of my life. Should i search for a third opinion because this is the second therapist i am visiting?

I understand your frustration and think it’s not a bad idea to search for a third opinion. Nevertheless, you can at least give the prescribed medication an honest try to see if there is some overall improvement.

It is expected that you get medication prescribed for both conditions because you suffer from them both, right? Better try it out and see if it works as Joon advised. If you prefer a more natural treatment method, you should find a good therapist with whom you feel comfortable discussing all alternatives and find the best for you.

I understand what you mean, and maybe you sound more right than me. I am searching for a magical solution that will fix both conditions without a daily effort. I am more willing to take both medicines now, at least for a while, to see whether there is an improvement.

I understand you too. I also used to be a little bit like you, and honestly, I am still searching for a miracle. However, meanwhile, I am doing what my therapist said to keep my symptoms under control.

Alright, I have an update. I visited another therapist who put me on therapy for my OCD, so now I only take one medicine for my ADHD. I feel way better than before. I can’t say I reached a perfect state of mind, but it’s a great start.

I am so happy for you. Remember that this is a small but significant step for you to feel better in the future permanently. I can’t wait to hear another positive update from you.

I love your support. Honestly, I still have my struggles, but I can manage my conditions most of the time. The only issue that worries me still is feeling somewhat restless at times even though I take medicine for ADHD.

Have you tried to relax your body and mind by doing yoga or meditation? I have an acquaintance that meditates every day to feel more intact. Maybe you should consider doing it or at least trying it.

I have done yoga before, and it was relaxing, but I was attending classes with other people around me. I am unsure if I can do it on my own and get the same effect out of it. I struggle to do exercise or concentrate for an extended period when I am alone.

Well, then attend group classes. It should still have an effect unless you find it uncomfortable to be around other people. However, you shouldn’t find it uncomfortable because doing a physical activity around others is more fun.

I don’t find it uncomfortable, but I need to be alone to calm down and relax. Group exercises are uplifting for me, and I like that effect, but I need to calm down also.

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Then it sounds a little problematic when you can’t focus on your own but need to be on your own to relax. I believe you should put on some earplugs and eliminate all bright lights. That way, you won’t be distracted by anything, and it would be easier to focus.

That’s a good idea, but I use my phone or computer almost constantly, which is technically too much bright artificial light for my eyes. I want to find an alternative for this, but it seems impossible.

Self-discipline, maybe :). The best thing is to put your phone in another room before going to bed and use the old-fashioned alarm clock. It will give you better sleep and peace of mind.

I tried to do that many times, but it didn’t work. It happened so many times I walked half asleep to the living room to get my phone because I needed to check something that came to my mind. Also, if someone calls me and it’s important, I have to know, so I keep my phone close.

You can keep an old phone with another number and give it to the people important to you for emergency calls. Everything else is an addiction that you need to cope with.

I am a tech addict and need my apps to live a meaningful life. Sad to say, but true. However, I understand that I need to limit my exposure to my phone and other devices to reduce anxiety.

In this instance, limiting your exposure could also give some substantial results. If you struggle to find a way to do that, you can also opt for additional help.

I was in a wellness retreat center two years ago, which didn’t help. My efforts also cease to give long-lasting results. I should probably spend time on a stranded island long enough to conquer my addiction.