OCD and ADHD medication

Long story short, I have both OCD and ADHD and was prescribed different medication for both conditions last week. My therapist said to take the medicine and see if it works after some time. However, I have an inner feeling that this is not going to make me feel better, and overall, I do not want to continue with a similar treatment for the rest of my life. Should i search for a third opinion because this is the second therapist i am visiting?

I understand your frustration and think it’s not a bad idea to search for a third opinion. Nevertheless, you can at least give the prescribed medication an honest try to see if there is some overall improvement.

It is expected that you get medication prescribed for both conditions because you suffer from them both, right? Better try it out and see if it works as Joon advised. If you prefer a more natural treatment method, you should find a good therapist with whom you feel comfortable discussing all alternatives and find the best for you.

I understand what you mean, and maybe you sound more right than me. I am searching for a magical solution that will fix both conditions without a daily effort. I am more willing to take both medicines now, at least for a while, to see whether there is an improvement.

I understand you too. I also used to be a little bit like you, and honestly, I am still searching for a miracle. However, meanwhile, I am doing what my therapist said to keep my symptoms under control.

Alright, I have an update. I visited another therapist who put me on therapy for my OCD, so now I only take one medicine for my ADHD. I feel way better than before. I can’t say I reached a perfect state of mind, but it’s a great start.