OCD and boredom

Yeah, I also got a similar recommendation. I also think that our discussion of ideas and what worked and not would be helpful for others too. I think that’s the main idea of the community too.

Yesterday I went out, got tipsy, and talked with many people. This was the best treatment against boredom I have tried this year. I haven’t realized how much I missed the actual contact with people during the last two years. Unbelievable.

I am happy for you but be careful with the alcohol. Last year I was overly pleased with the start of the summer season and was frequently drinking too much when I was out. Afterward, I started having more mood swings, and the intrusive thoughts were more frequent. Maybe it’s just my case, but sharing is caring.

It’s great you shared this, my friend. I started having some mood swings and being more impatient in my daily life. Lazier as well. Maybe I should delay the gratification and schedule a couple of days for parties this summer.