OCD and college students

I wish to share a video I stumbled upon about how OCD might affect you during your college years. I struggled to complete my assignments back in my college days. I wanted them to be perfectly done, so I kept procrastinating until sometimes it was too late. I had no idea that I might have an underlying OCD, though. Therefore, this video is for those who are still studying or know a student experiencing similar troubles. I believe that identifying the disorder and treating it as early as possible will prevent many destructive events in the future.

Pretty relevant topic. With the spike in mental disorders since 2000, many current students struggle to follow their studies. Therefore, they need more support and advice on coping with it.

I am in college now, and hopefully, I got diagnosed earlier. Also, I can easily spot OCD and partially ADHD in classmates. It is insane how the number of people with some sort of mental problem seems pretty high nowadays.

I have an associate’s degree, which was only two years, but I felt the disorder’s side effects mainly during those days. I felt I was triggered most of the time because I had so many false memories of all of the new things happening.

I am surprised that so many people had a similar story. Also, Sofie is right that more and more youngsters will be diagnosed with OCD or other mental disorders. Even in the future, after all the lockdowns, etc. There should be more awareness raised about those topics.

Excellent and very relevant topic. :clap: I hope that those in need will have the courage to find help in time.

The current world situation is devastating. Unfortunately, the full effects on people’s mental health, especially the youngsters, will be felt after some time when it’s rather late. I do not feel optimistic about the near future and its next generation.

I share some of your thoughts, but I also try to be optimistic. Each tragedy brings its damages and lessons, and we should look at it objectively and move on.

I am currently doing postgraduate, but I see what you mean about the younger students. I teach a few tutorials to freshers, and some people visibly struggle. The worst part is that they probably don’t even realize what’s wrong with them.

Overall you are right, but it’s difficult to ignore when you foresee an upcoming disaster. I can see that the whole world is programmed in a certain way, but something in my gut screams that things are not right and need to be changed.

I can see a positive tendency of people to reconnect with nature and choose a simpler life over the past few years. I hope these lifestyle changes will bring more peace and send a positive message to others.

That’s, unfortunately, a small number of people still. Most live inside their phones, portraying unrealistic lives on their social media and suffering silently. To be more optimistic, I can note that many more opportunities nowadays can be efficiently utilized, but it takes planning and discipline.

Let’s focus on the opportunities we have nowadays then. The summer is only for good vibes and making the best of every opportunity. Maybe let’s see how social media can help with battling OCD by spreading awareness about it.

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I like the way you twist things into their bright side. You are right with your point, though. Using social media correctly can help spread awareness about societal problems and mental health.

I bet you can find a bright side in everything you are usually against. It’s not the situation, tool, or people who can be wrong but the way you decide to look at things and approach them. I hope this can give you food for thought.

Your opinion makes me think a lot about the way I act sometimes. We are all humans, and we want things to happen in a certain way, and when something goes wrong, the problems begin. Anyway, I will see what I can take advantage of, even from the unexpected events in my life.

I learned that successful people do this in life, and it always pays off. You should not take things personally but see what lesson you can take for the future and how to make the best out of every situation without acting on your emotions.

I have similar observations too. The problem is that we are not all designed in the same way. While it might be easy for some people not to take them seriously, others get offended pretty easily. I am something between, so I have to figure out what can be improved in my case.