OCD and fear of infecting others with COVID-19

Alright, I am not sure how you folks with OCD used to cope with the fear of infecting your closest people with COVID, but it was so hard for me. Since the beginning of 2020, I didn’t want to see my parents fearing that I might infect them. It was difficult for me, and I intuitively stopped watching the news to feel better. Now I hear about even worse contagious types of the virus present, and my anxiety hit even worse. Please tell me how to cope with it.

I felt similar, especially at the begging of the pandemic, because no one knew what was happening. Even my OCD symptoms worsened despite regularly taking my medication. I still feel anxious when I listen to the news, so I stopped doing that. I recommend that all people with OCD should avoid watching the news.

Similarly, look at things - there will always be a chance to get sick or injured from something. There are many diseases and pathogens around us and even more possibilities of getting injured during an accident. If you start fearing all those, you will lose all your sanity. Of course, you can act smart and make sure you lower the risk of something terrible happening or getting infected, but that’s all you can do.

Yes, I hate watching or listening to the news. However, information about new restrictions and warnings is everywhere, which doesn’t make it a healthy society. It seems like all those media streams want to infect us with fear which is the worst disease of all.

Thanks for your point of you as well. I can act smart even without being warned several times a day by different media sources.

I believe that if you don’t watch the news, avoid scrolling down on social media apps and make those around you aware of your anxiety issue around the topic; you will be alright. However, you probably must know the current measures in case you travel or visit venues.