OCD and fear of infecting others with COVID-19

Alright, I am not sure how you folks with OCD used to cope with the fear of infecting your closest people with COVID, but it was so hard for me. Since the beginning of 2020, I didn’t want to see my parents fearing that I might infect them. It was difficult for me, and I intuitively stopped watching the news to feel better. Now I hear about even worse contagious types of the virus present, and my anxiety hit even worse. Please tell me how to cope with it.

I felt similar, especially at the begging of the pandemic, because no one knew what was happening. Even my OCD symptoms worsened despite regularly taking my medication. I still feel anxious when I listen to the news, so I stopped doing that. I recommend that all people with OCD should avoid watching the news.

Similarly, look at things - there will always be a chance to get sick or injured from something. There are many diseases and pathogens around us and even more possibilities of getting injured during an accident. If you start fearing all those, you will lose all your sanity. Of course, you can act smart and make sure you lower the risk of something terrible happening or getting infected, but that’s all you can do.

Yes, I hate watching or listening to the news. However, information about new restrictions and warnings is everywhere, which doesn’t make it a healthy society. It seems like all those media streams want to infect us with fear which is the worst disease of all.

Thanks for your point of you as well. I can act smart even without being warned several times a day by different media sources.

I believe that if you don’t watch the news, avoid scrolling down on social media apps and make those around you aware of your anxiety issue around the topic; you will be alright. However, you probably must know the current measures in case you travel or visit venues.

Easier said than done. My work involves social media, and I need to be aware of the recent news. It is too late to change professions, even though I want to. I don’t know what to do in this case.

You can find a side hustle and turn it into a career or prequalify to do another role in the same sector. Otherwise, practice mindfulness in the morning before you go to work and reassure yourself that whatever is about to happen will happen globally, and you can’t help it.

I agree that doing something relaxing each morning can help me through the day. Before, I tried meditation, but it did not have the desired result. Maybe mindfulness will help. :pray:

Meditation should be helpful, too, but there are more techniques regarding doing it correctly to achieve the needed effect. Mindfulness is easier for individuals who are searching to gain some peace of mind.

I will practice mindfulness then. I am one of the laziest and most impatient people you can meet. I hope it will take me less time and effort to achieve some results.

If OCD didn’t teach you patience till now, you are likely just starting your journey. Nevertheless, mindfulness will help you to become in good teams with yourself. You also might need to wait sometime to notice more significant results.

I often have similar fears, especially now when the summer is over and those statistics with infected people per day started to be regularly shown again. I know there is a lot of manipulation behind it, but it influences me, and I can’t help it but feel fear.

Nothing can teach me patience for the long term. I had good results from the three mindfulness sessions I did, but I already got bored with it. Now I am searching for some substances that can help me relax.

Don’t say nothing, never, and words like these. I know from experience that this is not helpful. Did you find a medication suitable for you?

I take Anafranil, and it helps me in most situations. However, I still feel that something is missing in my routine or I should also take another medicine. It’s a relatively strange feeling.

Depending on the intensity of the feeling, you should probably get one more consultation. I can’t really remember feeling that way, but I struggled until I found the proper medication and dosage for myself.

I don’t want to see anyone again as I also got a lot of consultations up to today. The feeling is still there, but the effect without the medication is even worse, so I will keep myself going like that for now.

It’s your decision but its unfair for your body and mind to struggle with a wrong medication. The sooner you fix the problem, the better your well-being will be.

I understand the importance of addressing the issue as soon as possible, and I assure you I am putting my well-being first; it’s just that finding the proper medication can be a long process, and it’s not easy to find the right one.