OCD and Perfectionism

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OCD and Perfectionism: The Battle for Control I worked 20 years before I went on social security disability and then attempted to work part-time for another nine years until my perfectionism made it unbearable to work. Whether a company hired me for a part-time position, I’d take it upon myself to work beyond paid hours.…

I have a similar problem as the author has. My perfectionism takes me a lot of time to perfect everything, and others hate me for criticizing their work. I haven’t found anything that can help me relax yet.

What helped me with perfectionism was that I started to set specific goals that I wanted to achieve. I would describe what I am supposed and not supposed to do as clearly as possible. I am happy now that it helped me, and I am doing that all the time when I have more time-consuming tasks.

I am similar to you in that aspect. You should avoid criticizing others, even if you want to. Try to focus on yourself and how you can improve your work or relationships or whatever is important to you.

I understand what you mean, but it is not an easy habit to stick to. Sometimes I feel foolish and not well-mannered after criticizing others without them provoking me. However, I will put on the needed effort into changing that.