OCD and Rigidity

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OCD and Rigidity Since I was eight years old, I’ve lived with obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it wasn’t until I had my children that symptoms began to progress. It took me hours to get us out of the house because if they didn’t have their meals and snacks at an exact time, or if we didn’t…

This is a genuinely inspirational article about developing flexibility in order to become less rigid. :clap:I will definitely try my best to implement some of the advice given here.

I can share my opinion about becoming less rigid. You need to surround yourself with more people who go with the flow. Being around such people will make you see that it is way more enjoyable to loosen up from time to time.

Rigid individuals should constantly challenge themselves to try new things. No matter what kind of things. Even trying out different cuisine is a good start. Life is colorful, and it is so sad to live it rigidly.