OCD board games

I recently stumbled upon an article about suitable board games for people and children with OCD, so please look at its suggestions. Those games are suitable for you if you have OCD or as a gift for individuals with OCD:

Lol, these games sound cool. It seems that people rely more on strategy than luck when playing. Maybe that’s why they are not so furious in case they lose.

Yeah, you got it pretty quickly. When we use our own brains to make strategic decisions, the disappointment of the loss is not as much as when we rely mainly on luck to win.

Right. Thank you for sharing the link, mate. Now I know what present to buy for someone who struggles with ocd or some sort of mental disorder. :slight_smile:

You are welcome, Neo. Even though I won’t be happy to receive a board game as a present, I still think that some of those are indeed good presents for most people with ocd.

Lol, that’s funny. A friend once told me not to gift something that I don’t want to receive as a present. But surely, different people, different tastes.

Of course, if the gift is completely useless, I prefer not to gift anything. But in this case, I feel this could be a good present, and even if someone gives it to me, I can still play it with others even though I might not be over the moon.

Of course, friend. I said it half-jokingly. Some of those games can be a fabulous present for someone with ocd.

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Totally agree here :slight_smile: