OCD Fear of Going Crazy

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OCD Fear of Going Crazy: OCD and the Fear of Losing Control Do you ever feel like you’re going crazy? Like you might lose control at any moment and do something that you can’t take back? If so, you’re not alone. Many people with OCD experience this fear of going crazy. It’s one of the…

I wake up every morning and want the day to end. I feel that my actions will somehow affect my family and overthink everything I do to the point where I can’t stand myself.

I had similar periods too. It would help if you realized that your actions would not directly influence your dearest people. Nevertheless, they will be hurt when they see you worry too much. Try to talk with someone close to you about what you feel and maybe ask them to come with you to the therapist’s office.

In such moments remember that there are people who love you and want the best for you. Remember how much effort your parents put into raising you into the person you are now. Of course, make sure that you talk with a specialist and follow the treatment they made for you.