OCD Rumination

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OCD Rumination: The Thinking That Keeps Us Stuck If you have OCD, you are probably familiar with the term “rumination.” Rumination is a type of intrusive thought common in people with OCD. This type of thinking can be very draining and significantly impact your quality of life. This blog post will discuss rumination OCD in…

The article has a good point on the difference between rumination and intrusive thoughts. The inability to stop thinking about specific events is highly frustrating.

I have a few embarrassing memories and certain insecurities that I think about a lot. More or less, that’s all. I am curious to know what other people ruminate about.

I can be literary everything. For some reason, some events stay in my mind longer than other events without some logical explanation.

Yeah, same here. It would have been amazing if there was a device that could erase those events from my mind. Maybe hypnosis or something like that will help? :smile:

I will not recommend hypnotherapy for dealing with whatever sort of problem. The risk of eventually creating more false memories in your mind is too high from my perspective.

In terms of hypnotherapy, I think that it depends on the specialist you go to. Some of them a highly professional and will not interfere with your consciousness in any way. They will guide you to find the root of your problem and deal with it.

I am naturally overly cautious and always fear giving myself or my body to someone. Especially when I am not in control of the situation. Anyway, I see your point, and some individuals probably find those hypnosis therapies helpful.