Psychedelics for OCD

I have already stumbled upon a few online materials and comments about how psychedelics can help some OCD patients. I wonder if someone here has tried using psychedelics for your OCD condition and if yes could you give me some guidance for starting with it? If there is not such a person here, please excuse me if my post is irrelevant.

I had a friend who was into psychedelics primarily because of another mental issue. For a few months, I noticed that he became highly uncoordinated and lost a lot of weight. I can’t be sure that he was not taking something else in addition, but overall I could not notice many good effects on him.

I can see that those side effects can be due to psychedelics consumption, but I happened to read more and more materials about how those substances in one or other form can positively impact OCD symptoms.

I also tend to think the same, but it is not something to be recommended to everyone. Some specific tips and tricks probably reduce the chance of unwanted effects, but I am still doubtful about trying those substances.