Psychedelics for OCD

I have already stumbled upon a few online materials and comments about how psychedelics can help some OCD patients. I wonder if someone here has tried using psychedelics for your OCD condition and if yes could you give me some guidance for starting with it? If there is not such a person here, please excuse me if my post is irrelevant.

I had a friend who was into psychedelics primarily because of another mental issue. For a few months, I noticed that he became highly uncoordinated and lost a lot of weight. I can’t be sure that he was not taking something else in addition, but overall I could not notice many good effects on him.

I can see that those side effects can be due to psychedelics consumption, but I happened to read more and more materials about how those substances in one or other form can positively impact OCD symptoms.

I also tend to think the same, but it is not something to be recommended to everyone. Some specific tips and tricks probably reduce the chance of unwanted effects, but I am still doubtful about trying those substances.

I have been considering trying those for a long time to see if they have some effect. Maybe if it were a few years ago, I would do my research and try it out if I noticed that the risks were not too high. However, I have my OCD under control, and there is not much sense for me to do that now rather than pure curiosity.

No one wants to try them, but I will keep waiting in case someone shares an opinion. I hope it happens by the end of the year. Otherwise, I will get some and try them myself, no matter what.

I was reading about positive experiences in other forums, but as far as I know the individual reaction, quality, and quantity of the product matter a lot. Please do detailed research before trying if you decide to do so.

I am aware of those things also, but thanks for reminding me. I need to read further about it and talk with others who have experienced it. Then I will share here if it was a good experience for me.

Amazing, I will wait for your reply. Please keep in mind that you should double-check the information before trying something of this sort.

I tried it and experienced a rush of mainly good emotions. I still feel a little weird about the overall experience and can’t link it to improvement in symptoms yet. However, it was a pleasant experience for me, and I might do it again.

I see. I hope you are well and considerable with experiments like this. Please update if you feel any favorable or unfavorable effects in case you try it again.

I am going all clean in January. Hence I am not even consuming alcohol, and to be honest, I feel very grounded and determined during most hours of the day.

That’s a great decision. I did it a couple of months ago and can tell you that this change has positively impacted my life. I have noticed that I feel more grounded and determined most of the day.

Did you stumble upon some difficulties while trying to quit those things for a while? It was hell for me, with night sweating and mood swings, but somehow I made it through January. Now I just take it easy.

I won’t suggest taking on other substances due to our easier predisposition to addiction as ocd patients. However, if someone wants to try them anyway, please be extra cautious.

That’s a good point of view to consider also. Indeed, we are way more likely to get addicted and involved in riskier behaviors.

Everyone should be free to try what excites them, but I have seen many cases of addiction during my life, and it’s not fun. I suggest more profound research and possibly having a friend or relative be in control while you try something similar.

That’s noted, Anna. I sincerely appreciate your advice because people rarely care about these things. Instead, they like to encourage others without thinking about the consequences.

Not everyone is like that. People with more life experience have usually seen more than someone younger, and it is normal to pass on more advice.

I think the younger generation is not respectful, and even older and experienced individuals refrain from giving their advice nowadays. What do you think?