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I am just the begging by trying to develop healthy coping mechanisms. If someone can help with the top 3 coping mechanisms I should focus on as a beginner, I will be highly grateful. :heart:

Here are my top 3 coping mechanisms that I have seen work best for individuals with OCD
Quality sleep
Doing your favorite sport at least four times a week
Practicing mindfulness, meditation, or finding another relaxation method most suitable for you

My tips are seeing more people even just for coffee, taking care of your appearance to boost your self-esteem, and being more active, as Yoanna mentioned.

Very difficult to get enough sleep at the moment but thank you, I will note your recommendations.

I like the tip about boosting my self-esteem. I have noticed it helps me a lot to feel better, even on the inside.

Unfortunately, getting enough sleep is probably the most essential thing you should start with. Everything else won’t be as effective as it should be if you are not rested and calm.

Does taking a nap during the day also work? I can find around an hour most days for this. I read that it can substitute drinking coffee and other stimulants for energy.

Napping is fine, too but make sure you have at least 6 hours of sleep per night. I know some people need less sleep than others, but this is the bare minimum for a healthy lifestyle.

Fair enough. Those 6 hours are never enough for me without the nap but combined it works well. I am introverted also and get tired of people during the day, so at some point, I need to take a nap to reset for a while.

That’s great as long as you are feeling well throughout the day. We are all different and have specifics needs from time to time which need to respected. :slight_smile:

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