Relationship doubts

I can’t think of a joke right now but watch some memes on Pinterest.
I like that you turn it into a joke, it’s a horrible condition, but we also should not take it seriously all the time.

I agree with my friend, laughter always makes it easier. Thanks for sharing the memes, most of them are about symmetry ocd as I can see.

Yeah, normal people still don’t get it that there are many other subtypes of ocd than symmetry and contamination ocd. How is it going in your relationship now, did therapy help?

Yes, therapy helped. After being completely honest about what I think due to my OCD, my partner understood me completely. I am really grateful for the advice that I received from some of you guys. I will keep being active here to return the favor multiple times.

It’s great that your partner understood you, my friend. Do you happen to experience other doubts too? I personally have moments when I doubt everything and have difficulty making a decision.

I agree indeed. However, those pictures on Pinterest are a little too common sense. Maybe I should have my own OCD jokes site.

Yes, like make an OCD NFT project. If you don’t have graphic design experience, you can do it on paint or hire someone to design it after explaining the idea.

This is excellent news, William. Even though I’ve never met you, I know you deserve to be happy in your relationship and life.

Is it possible to have relationship doubts without having a mental disorder? I have always had doubts about my relationships and don’t think this would ever end. I believe that we can’t be responsible for other people’s actions, including our partners’ actions, so similar doubts are justifiable.

Technically, I believe it’s possible. However, it indicates that you have insecurities or past traumas that you need to go through in order to live a less toxic life.

I know that I have some problems I need to solve (somehow), but I am not exactly sure where to start right now. I am also still in my early twenties, and many things look somewhat messy to me.

It would help to change your life circumstances until you find peace and clarity. You know best what will make you feel more content and confident with yourself. Take action and avoid being too much in your comfort zone; you will find many answers along the way.