Retroactive Jealousy OCD

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Retroactive Jealousy OCD: How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Partner’s Past Do you find yourself constantly obsessing over your partner’s past? Do you worry that they have been with other people and that they may have had better experiences than what you have shared? If so, then you may be struggling with retroactive jealousy OCD.…

I have most of the symptoms listed in the article about retroactive jealousy. My mind can stop obsessing about my partner’s past. I am constantly asking her questions to make myself feel better, but I always fear what the answers could be. Also, what if she is not telling the truth? It started impacting our relationship, too, and I need help.

All those concerns you mention are useless at this point because of past events you are worried about. I am afraid that the more similar questions you ask, the more distant and frustrated she will become. I think that you need help from a specialist at that point.

You mentioned that you feel that way about your current partner. Is that the first time you are obsessed about sb’s past, or has it happened before? If it’s the first time, there might be some underlying reason that makes you so uncomfortable.

I am really confused. It has happened before, but it hasn’t been that disturbing. I am not sure whether there is an underlying reason. Sometimes I don’t even want to think more about what the issue might be but prefer to be alone.

Try to write on a list of paper the objective reasons why you feel like that and the subjective ones. That way, you will more easily determine if there is a genuine reason for your concern.

Fair enough, I just did that a couple of minutes ago. The subjective reasons seem to be more, but there are also some objective ones. I’m still confused and don’t know what to think anymore. Maybe it would be great if I stopped thinking for a while.