Should I tell my boss about my OCD diagnosis?

I suffer from contamination OCD which makes me wash and disinfect my hands for an extended period. To avoid germs, I also disinfect my work desk surface very often. The thing is that I started a new position in a new company and didn’t want others to perceive me as a weirdo. However, I cant stop doing those things and feel calm at the same time. Should I tell others that I have OCD from the beginning or try to suppress my desire to disinfect everything?

I suppose that after you start working at the new place, your colleagues will notice your tendency to disinfect your hands and other objects around you. Therefore, they will not perceive it as a big deal by letting them know casually and funnily.

I support the opinion of moon. Your colleagues will most likely see you doing some of your obsessions which might slightly disturb them. Finding a good time and approach to mention about your OCD struggles might save you the headache later.

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I think everyone is still a little anxious about covid and all the other viruses spreading around, so people use disinfectants very often. I see that all the time in my workplace and other venues when I go out, so I guess you won’t look strange unless you do it very often during your workday.

I think that could work. I am just not laid-back to act funnily around this topic because I sometimes find it so disturbing.

I think I would be unable to hide my condition compulsions with the usual disinfecting against covid that most people do. However, thank you for the advice. I will still consider it.

I meant I would not be able to hide my condition