Social isolation

Dear everyone, do you often deal with the dilemma of putting more effort into being out there instead of just going home? I can feel like I enjoy my comfort zone but also miss out on some experiences with friends and being noticed more in general. However, it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to socialize with others as if they can sense my offputting energy. How should I deal with this problem?

I think that you need to break the belief that your energy is offputting in the first place. If you don’t see yourself as an exciting person others can learn something from and have fun with, nothing else will help. Maybe your self-esteem is related to an old trauma, as I had a friend with a similar problem who got bullied at school and didn’t feel worthy around others. I guess checking that out with a psychologist might help uncover the real problem behind your low self-esteem.

I support this opinion. Additionally, you don’t have to jump into big social gatherings immediately. Begin with small, low-pressure social interactions. Maybe meet up with a friend for coffee or join a group or club that aligns with your interests. That way, you can gradually build your social confidence.