Success stories using Anafranil

Any one that can tell a success story using Anafranil?

I don’t know if it’s a success story or not, but it did help me tackle my intrusive thought. It was not a cure, but it helped some, and every time I tried to stop, my intrusive thoughts got worse, and depression came back.


I was on low dose Anafranil, which may be too low to say about it. I notest side effects on 100 mg and for OCD, you need to be on the higher doses to see any impact. I think it is a good drug if you can handle the side effects.

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I was just put on Anafranil 50mg every night. After four days, I can say that I feel less anxious than before, but my therapist said it’s too early to notice a real difference. Honestly, I really hope that I can find a natural cure one day instead of being dependent on medication.

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Anafranil was working for me but it was no cure.