Support for Pure O OCD

I was recently diagnosed with Pure O OCD after finally deciding to address the issue and visit a therapist. I often experience threatening thoughts and have to count to 15 so that my family and I will be alright. Sometimes I have to count three times to that number if I don’t feel a sudden relief. I have prescribed medication, and I might be suggested therapy in a few sessions. However, I don’t want to be alone on that journey, and I wonder if someone here suffers from the same type of OCD. Even if not, I would be extremely relieved to have additional support. :purple_heart:

Hey @Andy84, I suffer from false memory OCD but still, I wish to help you on your journey. Simply stick to your treatment plan and try to be optimistic about the outcome.

I am beyond happy to feel your support. Everything is so new to me, but I will try my best to follow your advice. How is your OCD journey going?

I’m pretty new to therapy too. In fact, I started a few weeks ago with it and it still feels like hard work for me. Nevertheless, I am happy and optimistic about the future and you have to be too. :hugs:

I would love to help you with whatever I can, too, @Andy84. If you are unsure about whether you found the right therapist or other tips, look through the forum. We have already posted some helpful material.

Keep up the spirit, @Andy84. We are here to help each other so do not hesitate to share more information about your journey or ocd in general.

Ocd update: I am put on ACT therapy, and even though there are so many events in my life, I feel more stable and confident than before. I am sure your support played a significant role in my journey too. Have a great week, amazing people. I’ll write back soon :pizza:

Congratulations on your future healing. Also, remember to take small steps and share your journey with others to get enough support.

I am happy for you and excited to hear how you are now. The treatment process will be time and energy-consuming, but the end goal is totally worth it.

I feel great these days, Sawan. Maybe it is because of the warm spring days when everything wakes up. It makes me kind of poetic. I also started a new job, go to therapy, and still have the energy for everything. How are you, my buddies?

It seems that everything is falling into place. I feel good in general. My religious OCD was making me feel guilty again the last few days. However, I can see that there is not much reason for me to feel guilty about things.

Hi Andy, Spring brings the best vibes of the year indeed. Also, congratulations on your new job :tada:.How is your therapy going? Do you take any medicines, or do you do therapy only?

There is definitely no reason to feel guilty mate. I hope you are over it now.

Thank you, Sofie. I like your profile picture with that animal. I have medication prescribed and do therapy sessions. Overall, it works well. I’m afraid I will return to my previous condition, so I simply don’t think about it.

It was an adorable and non-shy deer. Do you have a favorite animal?
The best is not to fear things from happening but working on preventing them from happening and hope for the outcome you deserve.

I like birds overall. You are right, and there is no point in worrying too much but doing our best. Thank you for motivating me. It means a lot to me.

I hope you are doing well, birdy. I am no longer in the period of thinking I’m a terrible person. It turned out that I got overly stressed and got something like a relapse.

That’s excellent news, my friend. What is the best way to deal with a relapse from your experience?

I try to find support in my family and friends even without mentioning that I’m not well. However, they start to feel me when those moments come. It’s funny that they don’t even ask me how I am but stay near me and try to be caring.

You are a lucky person. I am trying not to be a burden to the others around me when I feel down. But that’s because I utterly dislike people asking me questions and feeling sorry.