Support Groups for OCD

Reviving the topic :wave:. Have someone recently joined a local support group and can share some experiences?

I joined my first local support group a little more than a month ago. I shared earlier that it started at the local library, but now we have our own meeting hall where we meet twice a week. It has been refreshing for me. Also, the members appreciate my jokes, so even better.

I believe that you would like any group as long as they love your jokes, mate :sweat_smile:. Otherwise, I consider leaving my books and meeting more people as well.

We should stop being introverted and meet more friends as you suggested. Maybe at some point, we can create a private telegram group also?

This is a very good idea. Maybe you can make one and send us invites on DM. Otherwise, I can try to make too.

I received a DM for joining the group. Thank you, @Kristin. I will join later because I’m with family on a short trip for the weekend. I don’t plan to use my cell phone and only check the mail once daily.

No worries, I hope you are having a great time. I’m also on holiday and had my therapy session online yesterday. In general, I feel great and full of life. Like never before :star_struck:

I already did, but let’s continue the conversation here also.

Have a great time, Kristin :star_struck: . If you have more time, you can search for support groups near the location of your vacation.

Hey, that’s a good suggestion but we are in an almost rural place now. Anyway, I am happy with my virtual friendships which I made here and in one other forum. :heart_eyes:

Do you have any ideas for more unusual topics you discuss during your support group meetings? Next time we meet with my support group, I have to suggest some topics for discussion, but recently, I haven’t been much creative.

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Maybe share your ways about how you cope with OCD. Also, talk about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity for a healthy mental state. Essential things are usually of utmost importance for dealing with any health issue.

Fascinating topics. I was also thinking about mentioning how important it is to try to stay social. Unfortunately, most of us with OCD struggle when socializing.

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I am glad I gave you some inspiration. Also, you are correct that we who have that condition are sort of awkward while socializing. Those lockdowns and wars do not make the situation better either.

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I consider myself a somewhat extroverted person even though my OCD. Not that I don’t have unpleasant moments of being weird in the eyes of others. Speaking of which, would you share your most awkward story while socializing?

There are many, but it’s funny I built a coping mechanism to forget those situations fast. However, I remember one time at a business meeting. I had to talk about a group presentation and presented myself as the author of a book we took references from. People started laughing, and it took me half a minute to realize what I had said. :grin:. Now I feel uncomfortable remembering this story. Your turn :wink:

If I were there, I would laugh a lot. I become anxious when I imagine that it could be me, however. :rofl:
I will hear what Kristin says and will share my story.

It seems like Kristin is busy and hasn’t been active recently. I am not going to wait for her to share her story first. Please go on; I’m super curious. :joy:

I think she is busy on purpose. :grin: Alright, let me share something. Once I had a false memory that my brother officially proposed to this fiance and asked them where do they plan to celebrate after the wedding ceremony. It turned out he didn’t do it yet, but he discussed his intentions with a few of his friends, and I was there a week before the incident. Maybe the most awkward moment in my life.

No way :laughing: . Whatever I can think of is less awkward than your story. I know that people around me find it funny when I have to write down everything planned word by word otherwise, I will remember incorrectly.