Support Groups for OCD

I still feel foolish up to this day about what I did. Anyway, I am sure you have done something even worse. You are just pretending :stuck_out_tongue:

Your story exceeded my expectations for an uncomfortable situation. I wonder what happened next. Did you get a kick from your brother? :sweat_smile:

No, I managed to laugh it off as if it was a joke. I am not sure it worked out, but the topic was changed. I am also happy my brother is a kind soul and knows about my OCD, so he didn’t say anything afterward. I don’t want to be in the same situation again though.

Except for forgetting people’s names and how they look, I am all great. Many times have called someone the wrong name because I thought that this person looked like someone else. I guess that’s a total lack of photographic memory, which might not be necessarily associated with OCD, though.

In this case, it sounds like a distraction or attention deficit which is not necessarily part of OCD. Many people around me are super distracted, which was not so much a year or two ago. I believe it has something to do with increased time spent on social media.

Have you ever organized a social event for your support group? I have been thinking about doing such a thing but don’t know if it’s a general practice and whether there will be enough people who want to attend.

I can imagine how unpleasantly you might have felt that day. Also, greetings to your brother for being an understandable man. If it were a member of my family, they would kill me, like literally :sweat_smile:

I am trying to forget about this event, and when I come here, I remember that I actually shared it. :sweat_smile: Honestly, being around understandable and caring people teaches me how to be more loving and patient, so if there is one good thing from that story, this is it.

You can give it a try. I have been to a similar event before Christmas, and it was an excellent opportunity to know each other better. Maybe you can ask it as a standard question if there is someone interested in a more fun activity any time soon. This is what one member of my support group did.

What is the best online support group you have been in so far? I really want to find a group where people understand their struggles, and I need it now.

This one :grin: We are a small community for now, but we are all super cute. May I know what you struggle with so I can help you with advice?

Oh, that sounds awesome. I will look into discussing it with some members I know better, but at the moment most of the people who attend our group are on holiday. Anyway, maybe any day in September is a good time for organizing a similar event.

Charming community. :slight_smile: I suffer from checking OCD and i am always afraid of causing some damage unexpectedly. I takes a lot of energy from me to deal with it.

Yes, we indeed are. Alright, so for checking OCD, I think you need to try ERP because you need to eliminate the fear that something terrible might happen unexpectedly. Maybe search locally for good specialists who offer ERP therapy.

Do you know something else that might help me that I can do on my own? I prefer to start that way and then search for someone else again. I didn’t have a good experience with the first specialist I went to.

You can practice mindfulness also. There are group mindfulness sessions as well. If you think that you want to postpone the therapy, then do that. You can use the time to research a good professional in your area.

Sound like a good plan. I already did my research and asked around, so hopefully, I will start the sessions again this fall.

I didn’t understand whether you are starting mindfulness sessions or therapy sessions. Both cases sound good cause you will be working on your well-being. I hope you came up with a good plan anyway.

I plan to do mindfulness sessions first to relax my mind. Afterward, I will opt for therapy again once I am ready to start searching for another specialist. I have trust issues, unfortunately. Once disappointed, it’s tough for me to trust again.

Trust issues are most easily fixed when you give a new chance to people and situations and take it slowly afterward. Don’t run away and hide; that’s probably the worst-case scenario.