The place to get support around ERP therapy

Doing ERP therapy is painful. This is the reason why many people never do it. You may have misconceptions about therapy, or you may be afraid to face your fears. Here we support each other regarding ERP-related questions, technics, and progress.

ERP therapy is hard work, but it’s worth the effort. One of the most important things to remember is that you are not alone in this. There are plenty of people who have gone through or are currently going through therapy, and you can find support from them.

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Im passing by to say that i just started a combination of ERP and ACT as my therapist recommended. A few days later I feel significantly better but I’m still afraid to be too happy about it as I don’t know how long it will last. Hopefully I can find friends here and so that we can support each other on our journey

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Is anybody here that can give me some tips on starting ERP therapy?

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Hello @Joon. How was your anxiety when you did your first ERP exercise

The most important thing from my experience is to be really honest with your therapist about your thoughts and emotions. Do not be embarrassed, he/she has heard many things, and it’s all part of your condition, not what you choose to think about.

Hi Kristin. I experienced mixed emotions. I felt relieved to a great extent but on the other hand, I was really mentally exhausted. I still believe it’s worth it though.

I absolutely agree with Sofie. The more honest you are with your therapist, the more they will be able to help you.

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Thank you for the advice Joon. I am honestly really anxious about opening myself about my thoughts. I prefer to talk with other people experiencing the same and read more books about it until I feel ready.

I am working on opening myself up but I need more time. I’m so grateful to be here and I receive your support. :purple_heart:

Always @Kristin. It is absolutely fine to need more time to accept your thoughts. Take small steps and remember that we are here to help each other during the process.

That’s OK Kristin. I know what you mean, It was really hard for me to share too much about my condition too. Now I don’t really consider it as something abnormal but just a normal condition that has its treatment.

Thank you so much, @Sofie and @Joon. I am already more confident talking about my condition and symptoms in my social circle. I feel so much energy and wish to help others accept their OCD and be happy with their life.

I am really happy to know you are starting to accept your OCD. For me personally, it was a little more difficult and took me quite a bit of time but I was also doing things on my own. Here and on other forums we have the chance to talk and share a lot of useful information which definitely helps.

You go girl. :slightly_smiling_face: There is nothing shameful in the condition itself. You can research and see that many celebrities have it and are honest about their journey too.

Yes, talking more about the condition helps me so much. I no longer feel that I am abnormal and alone.

I just looked at this. Even Leonardo DiCaprio has it, now I even feel more special than before. :grinning: Tell me more about your OCD journey @Joon.

Yeah, DiCaprio has it also. I even shared the movie “The aviator” where he stars as the main character with OCD. This is a must-watch.

Hi Kristin. There is not much to tell as I started seeking treatment less than a month ago. My therapist put me on ERP and ACT, and I see the progress for now. I encourage you to seek therapy as things become clear more quickly, and you will feel relief for sure.

I have never heard about this. He has a higher chance of having it genetically as he has a mixed origin, I think from 3 countries. Maybe I’m wrong, but it makes sense in my head.

Yeah, it makes sense for me too. I see you shared you practice ACT. Have you tried ERP as well before?