The place to get support around ERP therapy

Not yet, mate. ACT helped me enough for now. Maybe out of curiosity, I can try out ERP too, but recently I’ve been more busy than usual, so maybe further in time.

I am new to ERP, too, and I already feel relieved. I will suggest you practice on your own, not only with your therapist. That way, you will develop better coping mechanisms.

I understand. The most important thing is to stick to your already prescribed treatment plan. If you like to read more and talk with others in support groups, you will learn more things. However, take your time and make sure you follow your plan.

I am doing ERP now, and after the first two sessions, I felt way better and more optimistic. But now I feel exhausted and don’t see its end. Should I stop doing the therapy, or what is possibly the problem?

I think you should share the way you feel with your therapist if they haven’t noticed it yet. However, ERP is hard for many and requires effort to achieve the wanted results.

I did talk about my issues with the therapy, and it turned out that I have problems sticking to habits. So I need to work additionally on this as well.

I also thought you might have a similar problem after reading how you feel. My partner is the same as you and literally cant stick to any routine because it makes him feel bored right away. I am sure your therapist gave you some working guidelines to follow.

Yeah, I could not even make my bed for three days in a row. I do it mainly because my OCD symptoms torture me too much, and it’s high time I did something about it. I am in the process of becoming better at following a routine.

Then following a routine turns out to be even worse for you. I hope you manage to make your bed every day now. I am curious whether you feel any improvement from your therapy already?

I feel an overall improvement because I find myself calmer than before, no matter my thoughts. I could also manage to make my bad for five days in a row now, so I am not even embarrassed sharing it. :sweat_smile:

You deserve to treat yourself well this weekend, then. Assuming to managed to make your bed for the last two weeks, of course :sweat_smile: