Tips for dealing with "just right OCD"

I wish to share a few tips for dealing with “just right OCD.” It is one of the most common subtypes of OCD and can be highly irritating for the sufferers and those around them. For people with just right OCD, even the slightest mistake can cause tremendous anxiety and distress.
Nevertheless, there are ways to overcome this disorder and live a more fulfilling life. Here are some tips:
• Start by acknowledging that your perfectionism is not helping you and may even hold you back.

• Challenge your beliefs about perfectionism and ask yourself if they are true. For example, “I have to do things perfectly, or I’m a failure” is not always true.

• Think about the consequences of your perfectionism. What happens when you don’t meet your high standards?

• Practice self-compassion and be gentle with yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes.

• Focus on the process rather than the outcome. Enjoy the activity itself instead of worrying about how well you’re doing.

• Take breaks and allow yourself time to relax. Those small breaks can help reduce stress and anxiety.

You can overcome your “just right OCD” and start living a more fulfilling life with patience and practice. I am interested to know what helps you deal with this OCD subtype. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Amazing tips for the just right OCD subtype Yoanna. I have always had it and simply considered it as part of my personality before I had to deal with another worse OCD problem. Now I am reading a lot about self-help techniques and your tips are really helpful for me. Many thanks for that.

Maybe it sounds unconventional but try creating some art. Paintings, clothes, jewelry, or whatever you decide. There are no limits in art, so I’m sure it will help you, especially with “just right OCD.”

I love this! Any kind of creative activity has a sudden confidence and purpose boost. I personally like to design bags and scarves.

I really like the connection you made with art and “just right ocd”. That’s why when I used to draw cars before i didn’t feel any anxiety. :sweat_smile:

Sounds interesting, mate. You should go back to drawing cars. I believe you will improve the design of the Tesla truck :sweat_smile:. Additionally, it will help with your ocd.

@Sawan You can put a bucket on my head, and I will still make it better. What is your artistic passion?