Tips for finding the right therapist

Great results never come easy. Of course, it was difficult talking about my negative experiences before. It takes courage and time until you start to feel unrestrained by sharing your experiences openly.

It’s great that you found that courage. I find it somewhat difficult to share details about my struggles recently. Not only about my OCD but also other stuff generally. Sometimes I think people don’t care about what others are going through, and honestly, they don’t have to. We should be mainly responsible for dealing with our problems.

You are both right and wrong with this statement. Generally, people don’t care, but your closest people should be supportive just like you are, I guess, for them. If you have had similar struggles recently, then that’s ok. Try to be with your thoughts for a while.

Thank you for caring too. I am great now and full of energy. I haven’t felt that way for years and never want it to end. I wish I could help all of you feel like I do, but I don’t know what changed in me. I only know that I tried to be more optimistic and social with others.