Treatment-resistant OCD

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Treatment-resistant OCD: Hope for Those Who Don’t Respond to Standard Treatment Did you know that one in three people with OCD does not respond to standard treatment? It can be a frustrating and discouraging reality for those struggling with this disorder.  However, there is hope! This article will discuss treatment-resistant OCD and some of the…

I’ve been prescribed antidepressants for my newly diagnosed OCD, and I feel that taking them does not have a positive effect on me. Those pills don’t help me other than making me more sleepy and slow for over a month now. Shall I search for other treatment options?

Most likely, this is not the proper medication for you and talking with your doctor who initially prescribed it is advisable in this case. You can also consider therapy for treating your OCD symptoms. For many of us, therapy was highly beneficial.

I had the same issues before with the medication I used to take. It simply made no difference in symptoms—even the opposite. At the moment, I feel great after ACT therapy, which changed my perspective on my OCD.

The problem is that I mentioned that to my doctor, and she said it is a normal side effect, so I should get used to it. I get no support regarding my other complaints from her side. I am so desperate.

I see where the problem lays. There are a few not so well-qualified professionals, and that is common these days. Your best solution will be to change the doctor in this case.

I have to do that, obviously, but I don’t have the mental energy to explain my struggles again. For now, I am not taking any medication and try to cope with my checking OCD on my own, which doesn’t seem to work either.

You can write down your symptoms and daily things you find challenging to deal with. That way, you don’t have to repeat the same thing. However, you will get asked more questions for sure.

I need more time until I trust someone again to fix my OCD issues. I might search for a doctor with OCD themselves to ensure they know what they are talking about.

That’s a good idea, actually. You can also trust the therapist if they had someone in their family with OCD and they got inspired to help them.

I have heard of similar cases mainly in the movies, when people get inspired to become something because of the struggles of a family member. :joy: Maybe I will find it in real life also but will actively search for someone with OCD themselves.

Fair enough, Valentine. It came to my mind that you can directly send inquiries to the therapists asking if they suffer from the disorder in case it’s not stated anywhere else. Maybe one of them might know a colleague who deals with OCD also.

That is a super smart idea, Joon. Thank you for sharing it with me. I absolutely could not find a practitioner nearby with OCD themselves, so it doesn’t hurt to send a few emails asking them directly if the law of statistics works after several trials, I will find what I need.

I love to see logically thinking people here. I am not trying to offend anyone, but it seems like OCD takes a toll and making rational decisions is hard. It bothers even me sometimes, but I know how not to let it when it’s an important decision.

There are plenty of guidebooks that help decision-making. I often think I have things under control, and I make the best decision, but when I try to evaluate a handful of judgments, I find flaws every single time. That’s why it’s great to stick to some guide or formula, at least most of the time.

Many great decision-making formulas out there. Just pick your best and evaluate things holistically at the end as well. Did you fix your problem with the antidepressants, by the way?

I am having a period without antidepressants, and I will start again in a week or two. My therapist prescribed me another type, so let’s see if they will make me sleepy and slow again.

I think everyone is a little more sleepy and slow as the fall progresses. So take into account those circumstances as well. Otherwise, I hope everything will be alright with the new medication.

I am feeling great at the moment with the new medication. The only weird thing I experience is getting up in the morning takes me a while. That’s the only disadvantage so far, so I am happy with the results.