Treatment-resistant OCD

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Treatment-resistant OCD: Hope for Those Who Don’t Respond to Standard Treatment Did you know that one in three people with OCD does not respond to standard treatment? It can be a frustrating and discouraging reality for those struggling with this disorder.  However, there is hope! This article will discuss treatment-resistant OCD and some of the…

I’ve been prescribed antidepressants for my newly diagnosed OCD, and I feel that taking them does not have a positive effect on me. Those pills don’t help me other than making me more sleepy and slow for over a month now. Shall I search for other treatment options?

Most likely, this is not the proper medication for you and talking with your doctor who initially prescribed it is advisable in this case. You can also consider therapy for treating your OCD symptoms. For many of us, therapy was highly beneficial.

I had the same issues before with the medication I used to take. It simply made no difference in symptoms—even the opposite. At the moment, I feel great after ACT therapy, which changed my perspective on my OCD.