Useful OCD apps

Many of you talk about your inability to stay consistent during your OCD treatment and personal goals towards improving your lifestyle. Thus, I want to show you some of the most useful mobile apps I have tried that can help you deal with OCD easier:

  • NOCD: OCD Treatment App

  • Liberate: My OCD Fighter

  • Lift – Depression & Anxiety

  • Universal Breathing: Pranayama

  • TOVI: Self-Care Rhythm

My favorite one so far is NOCD: OCD Treatment App because it offers instant help for OCD compulsions anytime they happen.

Using some good apps for battling OCD sounds like an intelligent way to get additional help. Unfortunately, I was never too fond of technology. However, maybe it’s high time I try some of those too, or perhaps the one you recommended the most.

Great topic, thank you. :slight_smile: I never thought about using some apps for OCD, but I want to check them all now.

I am happy you like the topic, friends. I myself tried most of those apps during the last two months, and I wonder why I didn’t do that earlier.

I love the TOVI app. Seriously, I am annoyed that I didn’t use some of those earlier, either. Especially during my nightmare times battling postpartum OCD, I could have been greatly relieved if I had access to more help through my phone.

Well, better later than never. Now you can enjoy TOVI as much as you want. :grinning:
There are more apps available, so you can check them too. I thought that having one favorite OCD app was enough for me.

I see good reviews for “Liberate: My OCD Fighter,” so I will look into it more later. Indeed there are many other applications as well, which again is impressive. People should use them more.