We are interested to know what kind of CBT therapy worked best for you?

Please write how successful your CBT therapy was and what technique worked best on you.

  • Exposure and response prevention (ERP)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness

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The type of CBT that worked best for me was Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
It helped me see that my intrusive thoughts were not true and I didn’t have to pay attention to them.
It also helped me learn how to accept the anxiety and work on goals, even if the anxiety was high.


I should definitely try that therapy too. My friend who is a children counselor mentioned that she believes I suffer from OCD. She made me seriously research the topic and have a meeting with a therapist next week. I will mention to my therapist that I want to try ACT if possible.


I want to share that ACT helped me tremendously through my OCD journey. I tried different types of medications and natural techniques like running and mindfulness, and I felt relief but not in the long term. Now when I know that my thoughts are part of me and I don’t need to fight them, I can function more like a normal being. If someone has any questions about my journey, you can dm me. I would be happy to help.


For me it was the combination of ERP and ACT that made the big change.

As i said in the previous post, I used to experience a lot of false memories events and this period was really dark for me. After I quit my stressful job I started doing mindfulness practices and this significantly improved my condition. Now even if I experience certain ocd intrusive thoughts I simply accept them and they pass by instead of making me frustrated like before.

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I am happy that everyone here found something that works for them. I can see that there everyone has different OCD symptoms and should always be examined individually.

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What helped me the most was ERP therapy. I used to take medication before but it almost had no effect on me. After starting ERP I felt real relief. However, it is was difficult to try to face all my thoughts, especially at the beginning.

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The same worked perfectly for me too. I was way better just doing ACT but then I was recommended ERP too for more long-lasting results and a clearer understanding of my obsessions.

I feel that I should try all other therapies just out of curiosity. Maybe I should start with ACT as I see there is a lot of hype about it from you my friends. :grin:

Sometimes I feel in the same way. I believe it will be fun though, I believe I will learn something more about my OCD. What is the next thing you are going to try?

I consider trying DBT as I saw it in another thread here. I hear good opinions about it from you, my friends.

I have tried only ERP up to now but it helped me a lot during my Postpartum OCD. The way it exposed me to intentionally triggering events related to my afterbirth anxiety made me better control my response to them. I consider trying other therapies in the future too.

I am thrilled you are better now after you struggle with Postpartum OCD. I did read your journey on the other post. In case you want to experiment with other therapies, try out ACT. I feel it aa the easiest and one of the most effective therapies.

I agree with you. As I shared earlier, I started DBT, and it is somewhat similar to ACT. Nevertheless, ACT gives way more space to breathe instead of having to learn more skills which is the case with DBT. Anyway, I still have more things to know about DBT, to be entirely sure.

I will wait for you to share your experince when you have fully understood it. If you are satisfied, I will try it for sure too.

Thank you for the support and advice, William. I was also considering trying ACT and will definitely read more about it.

You are always welcome, dear Anna. Also, I will be happy to learn more about your progress if you start the therapy.

I follow ERP, and since the start of it, I’ve been less anxious, more confident, and almost no false memory events. I have cured about 80% of my symptoms without any medicines prescribed, so I can proudly say that it works in my case.