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Hello everyone, I’m William, 25 years old and I’ve been suffering from OCD since I was a child. I’ve tried many medications before but recently what helped me the most is ACT. I encourage everyone here to try this therapy if they are not sure where to start with their healing process. Thank you for reading and stay safe.

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Hi @William, very nice introduction. My name is Sawan and i am 38 years old, married with 1 child. I also think that ive had OCD all my life but it was not so concerning since i started getting stressed at work. As i already mentioned in previous posts, i quit my stressful job and now run a family business with my wife. I still have many responsibilities but i am definitelly calmer than before. In terms of therapy, i do mindfulness practises which help me accept the things as they are instead of fighting them.

Thank you for introducing yourself as well my friend. I am really glad you found a way to better deal with OCD and enjoy your life with your family.

I am beyond grateful for having my family next to me who inspire me to be a better person. They also gave me the motivation to pay more attention to my OCD and now function like a normal person.