What is the opposite of OCD?

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Do you have a friend or family member who seems to be the opposite of OCD? They might have a complete lack of concern for organization, cleanliness, or order. You might wonder why they are much less stressed and anxious than people with OCD and whether a specific condition is associated with those character traits.…

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Reading the article, I see that I am a compulsive declutterer, while my dad has always been a compulsive hoarder. I had no idea that we have some disorder, but it is close to the mind.

I know so many people who are primarily hoarders and a few declutterers. I am sure most of them have no idea that it might be because of OCD.

Does anyone know a person in their life who is always calm and has the opposite behavior patterns of what an OCD individual has? Also, is there something negative that you find in those people?

I know a few such people. Honestly, I envy them sometimes, but they also tend to be too generic and not enjoyable at times.

I don’t care what the opposite of OCD is. I will accept almost any other disorder as long as I don’t have OCD. Seriously I’m so tired of feeling like I’m going crazy …

For example, if you had bipolar or anorexia, you would prefer OCD. It all depends on the severity of the condition, as some members already mentioned before. However, no matter the situation, it can always be worse.

You are right, of course. I have moments when I want to feel like normal people, at least for a few days. I sometimes believe that my OCD comes from my multiple childhood traumas. When I think about sharing everything I’ve been through, I feel that there will be more and more terrible events popping up without an end.

Most of our behavior and self-esteem are affected by past events and traumas. It feels that you haven’t moved on from some things that happened before, and that’s fine. Most people haven’t. But when it impacts your life negatively, you need to take it seriously and possibly search for help.

We all have our traumas, and we need them to have something to work on. Imagine growing up without any challenges or failures. Then you probably would not have any appreciation of life and understanding of how others might feel.