What is the opposite of OCD?

No, I wish this wasn’t the case. It is ok for now. In the longer term, I will find a way to change how I respond to problems that I can’t fix.

You know best but don’t neglect the problem by leaving it for later. Many unexpected events happen in life; the best we can do is be prepared by doing what is on our agenda now.

I appreciate your perspective, and I understand that It’s important to prioritize our tasks and responsibilities. I also get it that sometimes it can be tempting to put things off, but in the long run, that often creates more stress and anxiety than it’s worth. I plan to learn how to be more proactive in the future.

I like how you reflect on my advice, and I know that you will learn to be g proactive for longer than you currently are. Enjoy the process, and remember to be kind to yourself also.

Thanks for mentioning being kind to myself because I often miss that, and apparently, I must remind myself. I don’t like when people criticize themselves, so I should not do it to myself also.

You should avoid doing it. You know, a little healthy criticism didn’t kill anyone, but everything above that is toxic and even self-destructive.

My friend told me something similar regarding this topic. But it’s sometimes challenging for me to draw the line between healthy criticism and toxic criticism.

If drawing the line is challenging for you, then you should avoid criticism in all forms. Try noticing and complimenting others and yourself only for the positive things you see and see the results after two weeks.

Everyone will ask what happened with the old me if I do what you say. It simply will change how others perceive me. Maybe I can make some changes in that direction but not so drastic after all.

Absolutely, making changes in how you approach life and manage your well-being doesn’t have to be drastic or sudden. Gradual adjustments can be more manageable and still lead to positive outcomes. Take small steps that feel right for you, and don’t worry about what others might think. You’re in control of your growth and development.

So we agree that gradual adjustments can be more sustainable and easier to integrate into our daily routine. :hugs: I will be so happy to be apply more of those.

Of course. Gradual adjustments indeed have practical power. It’s like building a strong foundation for a house – step by step, it becomes solid and lasting. Even our ocd cant ruin it.

I really hope that the OCD won’t ruin it :sweat_smile: But even if it does, I will start building again :muscle:

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Set your mindset that way, and you will indeed beat everyone and everything on your way.

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Copy that, Joon. I won’t disappoint! :muscle: