Emotional Contamination OCD

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What You Need to Know About Emotional Contamination OCD Do you feel afraid of “catching” negative energy? Do you feel like people or places are “tainted,” and you can’t get rid of the feeling? If so, you may be suffering from emotional contamination OCD. It is a type of OCD that can make you fear…

Being afraid that certain people will steal my good energy has always been part of me. I had no clue that this is a subtype of OCD. :exploding_head:

I was also surprised to see that there is a condition behind my weird thoughts. Being so afraid that someone will negatively affect your life, just being around you is upsetting.

Well, sometimes I feel that some people do not have the right energy. Then I instinctively start worrying if their energy would affect mine. I always thought this was something usual that most people experience.

It happened to me too, but maybe it depends on the severity of whether it can be called a disorder or not.

I will ask my therapist about it and share it with you. But most likely, you are right about the severity which makes the diagnosis.