False Memory OCD - What is looks like!

This guy is very good I like him :+1:

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Yeah, ive watched some of his videos before. Listening to him explaining everything about I experience too in such an understandable way makes me really calm

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Hello Sawan, welcome to ocdTalk :slight_smile:

Hey Jonas, this is the first ocd community i join. I never talked about my condition before but now I feel really happy to be here and share more experiences about my ocd journey with everybody here.

Best of luck Sawan and welcome again :slight_smile:

Thank you, my friend :pray: Ah, sometimes I really wish I could erase those false memories from my mind.

I often doubt whether my memories are real or not. Sometimes my friends catch me talking about something that never happened. Iā€™m really afraid that this can make me look like crazy in front of others.

I fully understand you, dear Kristin. From personal experience I would recommend you to follow your treatment plan which will automatically make you more relaxed with this condition. Once you hit that state, then even if something happens occasionally you will be more understandable to yourself.

Do not feel stressed about it, Kristin. I would suggest journaling and talking more about your feelings, even if it feels uncomfortable. Try it and let me know if it helps, I am more than sure that it will.

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