Relationship doubts

I wonder if someone also has doubts whether their partner is the right person for them. Sometimes I feel I have everything in my relationship while pretty often I wonder what if this is not meant to be in the long run. Excuse me for my English, I’m not a native speaker.

Hey William, I experienced the same thing with my last relationship. I ended up too confused and indecisive and in the end, she just left me. Now when look back I really wish that I should have done something to avoid this. I guess you should be vocal to your partner about your condition and how you feel from time to time. Hopefully, she will understand that it is more your condition and not you. Cheers!

Thank you for the advice Sawan and welcome to our community. We are some of the first ones here, I believe we will be good friends. I will take my girlfriend to my therapist so that I can eventually get help explaining the way I feel. Have a great weekend mate.

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You are welcome brother, I’m praying for you to solve this problem. I will be more than happy to make friends here so that we can be helpful to each other.

I have always experienced similar doubts too. I kind of got used to that I will always doubt not only whether my partner is the right one but for everything else.

What helps me with doubts is writing down the pros and cons on a piece of paper. Then I am able to make an adequate decision. Try it out!

Exactly! This is what helps me too. I also try not to make decisions when I’m angry and instead take a long walk in the park.

I really think this is the fastest and most efficient way for making decisions. My job requires me to make a lot of decisions on a daily basis and this is literally what I do. I even have a template that I fill and then see what is the best option. :grin:

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Yeah, i feel like we should compile a guide with simple but life-changing tips for dealing with ocd. There are so many examples popping into my head.

That sounds like a good solution. If you still have doubts after the session then give her a ring and sign a mortgage together. Then even if you have doubts you will be less likely to pay attention to them :upside_down_face:

No way. :sweat_smile: This made my day!

This sounds like a great idea, I can help you out with it too. I also have my secret tips that work really well in most situations.

You will be surprised how well it works!

I have one already. It is what helps me personally the most but of course, I can share it with you or whoever wants.

I want also, please :pray:. I have always searched for more complicated solutions all my life. Many times i was proven wrong so I should apply simple techniques for my ocd too.

I learned a long time ago that with OCD it’s better to take small and simple steps.

Did this work for you? I am really curious to know :grinning:

I’ve been doing this all my life too. I see such a big difference in my condition since years ago when I really started addressing the issue.

I perfectly understand what you mean because it was sort of the same for me. May I ask how is your relationship ocd now? Do you have any progress after you visited a therapist?

Well, I haven’t experienced it personally but I know that a close friend is in a similar situation. Would you share the best OCD joke you have heard? I am trying to be serious and helpful but people can heal through laughter too.