False Memory OCD

Yes, you are correct. I am relatively OK with only some moments when I feel a little out of control. I think it’s normal and doesn’t stress much about it.

It sounds like you have a good understanding of your condition and have come to accept that there may be moments when you feel a little out of control. This is a healthy perspective, and as you said, it’s essential not to be too concerned about it.

Thank you for your understanding and empathy. Accepting the ups and downs of living with OCD and not being too hard on myself is a challenge. Nevertheless, I realize it’s a crucial step toward managing the condition.

Of course, it is a challenge, but we should love challenges because they make our life colorful and shape our character. Once I accepted that approach, I found it way more peaceful to deal with everything life throws me.

I feel you are at another level, way higher than mine. Whenever I am challenged, I feel angry and want a simple, calm existence like many others around me.

You feel like that because you haven’t worked on yourself much yet. I also occasionally feel a different range of destructive feelings, but I know how to switch to another mode.

You are not the first one telling me that I need to put more work into disciplining myself and overall managing my OCD. But what would you suggest I do exactly?

I would suggest that you start by setting small goals for yourself. You could begin by identifying one particular OCD-related behavior or thought you would like to work on changing and then brainstorm some achievable steps to manage it. This way, you will become more disciplined during the process.

Cool, maybe this way might finally make me more structured. If I succeed, I will send you a gift, seriously.

No worries about sending gifts. Better focus on the processes and stick to the steps above or any other you have as planned.

Yes, boss. I seriously love you for sticking around me and advising me on how to improve my OCD and character.

There are no bosses here, and yes, I will be around if you need some friendly advice. I like having virtual friends, so it won’t be a problem to help when needed.

I strongly appreciate your willingness to help me and others. I want to keep you as my virtual friend forever.

Of course, we can stay friends. :slight_smile: I have those close connections in this community, and apart from it, I don’t have ocd pals, but I want to.

We have a deal, then. :innocent: By the way, do you think handwriting benefits our mind and thought process? I’ve heard a professor speaking about it.

It does. You do not need written proof to be sure about that. I often write letters and plans by hand, and everything suddenly seems more clear and concise.

Alright, then, I will do the same thing more often. I can’t entirely go off-screen and keyboard cause I have too many tasks there, but I will try to switch with handwriting as much as possible.

Did you really use handwriting more? I purposely waited some time to ask about your progress :grin:. You know that action helps more than words with about 100%.