False Memory OCD

Originally published at: False Memory OCD - When the Mind Plays Tricks on You

A comprehensive guide to False Memory OCD False Memory OCD is a type of OCD that involves obsessions and compulsions that revolve around past events that either did not occur at all, or did not occur in the way one remembers they did. This variant of OCD can be especially debilitating when left untreated, since…

It was a question I was asking myself all the time when someone seemed to dislike me somehow. In fact, some people were not even disliking me but were indifferent to me. However, my brain could not stop stressing about me doing something wrong and offending people. I am glad I have it mostly under control now.

I used to suffer from false memory before, and the main thing that bothered me was whether I acted stupidly in some way and others didn’t like it.