False Memory OCD

Originally published at: False Memory OCD - When the Mind Plays Tricks on You

A comprehensive guide to False Memory OCD False Memory OCD is a type of OCD that involves obsessions and compulsions that revolve around past events that either did not occur at all, or did not occur in the way one remembers they did. This variant of OCD can be especially debilitating when left untreated, since…

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It was a question I was asking myself all the time when someone seemed to dislike me somehow. In fact, some people were not even disliking me but were indifferent to me. However, my brain could not stop stressing about me doing something wrong and offending people. I am glad I have it mostly under control now.

I used to suffer from false memory before, and the main thing that bothered me was whether I acted stupidly in some way and others didn’t like it.

This is also a problem I experience up to this day, but less often and less intense. Actually, our community helped me a lot by learning how to be less affected by OCD byproduct behavior.

It feels incredible to share your thoughts with like-minded individuals and feel instant relief. I believe that if I started being more active in similar communities before, I would fix some OCD issues way earlier in life. This could have saved me a lot of frustration.

Exactly! Those communities help by making you question your actions and hear about the stories of others. I have read many comments that genuinely made me curious and rethought stuff.

Do you remember what you read that had the most significant influence on you? I recently read that someone suggested going to massage combined with stretching for pressure relief which also helps the anxiety to go away. I think that this is something worth trying.

Someone here wrote a few months ago that taking care of our physical appearance dramatically influences our OCD. It’s close to the mind, but I never gave it much thought before.
Did you try the combination of massage and stretching?

Yeah, I’ve read that too, and it makes a lot of sense. I did try stretching, workout and then massage and it feels like a thousand showers. You are brand new after it all. Try yourself and you will see.

Oh, I need that so much now. What kind of massage? Classic or sports massage?
Also, can I substitute the authentic massage sitting on a massage chair? :grinning:

I like the sports one, and no, you can’t substitute it and expect the same effect. Nevertheless, if you do the other steps correctly, you can still get some of the significant relaxation effects I got, even with the fake message.

I can’t believe we are discussing massage in the false memory topic. I enjoy our conversation, but it might be too much for someone trying to find a stable solution for their false memory OCD.

It was part of the routine that helped me relax, which can eventually be helpful for anyone with OCD. However, I understand that we carried on for too long about it. I am happy that false memory no longer bothers me as it did before.

Sorry, you are right. I didn’t mean to sound rude but uplifted instead. If I said it in real life, you would notice :smiley: By the way, I am super happy that false memory doesn’t bother you anymore.

No worries, I understood it anyway. I rarely have issues with it these days. How is your OCD journey, dear Kristin?

I have been good these days also. Not many issues and false memories, many scented candles in the evenings, and morning exercise before work. I hope the circumstances won’t change.

Sounds great. I think you will easily manage the cold winter months by adding coziness to your routine. Make sure you don’t indulge yourself too much, as being too comfortable is not healthy in the long run for people with OCD. Just my personal observation.

I don’t like being comfortable for too long. I like to be active and talk to people, no matter my OCD. It’s just sometimes I get confused and can’t figure out whether what I have in my mind happened or not.

As far as I remember, you mentioned that you started ERP, or did you finish the therapy already? If yes, your false memory should be more manageable than before.