Anger-related OCD issues

I am struggling with anger-related ocd and need some PROVEN methods to manage it. I don’t trust labels and promises anymore because rarely something helps me with my anger. Thank you beforehand.

Meditation and exercise are great for relieving the bad energy from your body and mind. But you should meditate daily and do intense cardio sports such as boxing.

You should identify the source of your anger. It could be childhood trauma, current situation, lack of future plans, etc. Once you know the primary source and find a way to change your situation, you will be less angry.

It’s a combination of those you mentioned. I can’t identify the leading factor or which has had the most impact on me having such anger issues.

Then try harder or consult with a therapist or psychologist. In my opinion, knowing the source of the anger is crucial to solving it in the long term.

Of course, that’s needless to say. I need to put more effort into this right now. I’ve been having more issues to deal with recently than usual. However, I appreciate your support, ventall. :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile: I hope you are better and have found a way to manage your anger. Unfortunately, I had too much stress recently and started having similar problems.

Oh no, that’s concerning. I am getting better daily, even though sometimes, with every step forward, I take two back. I suggest you don’t get discouraged if the same happens to you.

Do you consume alcohol or take something else? If yes, try being without similar substances.

From my experience, moderate alcohol consumption makes me loosen up and relax. I don’t understand why you assume that Haylee03 should quit its consumption if it’s reasonable.

From what I’ve read and observed, alcohol is more an enemy than a friend to those with ocd. Thus, eliminating its use can be easier in the long term.

Sure, but I really believe it’s not necessary if the person knows their limits.

I also think that while it might offer temporary relief or distraction, alcohol can ultimately worsen anxiety and OCD-related obsessions and compulsions.

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Well, alright. That’s not been my experience, though, and I believe it’s not everyone’s either. Maybe we can agree that alcohol is worse for more than half of the people with ocd.