Further advice for treating contamination OCD

Hello to everyone. My problem is related to contamination OCD. I already started treatment with ERP, but I am here to know if you can suggest something else that can help me further. The situation is really serious as my boyfriend is too annoyed. He warned me that he would move out if I didn’t make an effort to fix my obsession with cleaning and disinfecting.

Hi Sara, and welcome to the forum. I personally haven’t suffered from contamination OCD, but I have been part of many support groups with people who suffer from different types of OCD. Here is some advice I received from a person who suffered from this type of OCD:
Simply create a list of things you are worried about becoming contaminated by. Once you have this list, you can start working on exposure therapy. This means gradually exposing yourself to the things on your list, starting with the ones that cause the least amount of anxiety. Doing this can help you realize that your fears are often irrational and that you can cope with coming into contact with these objects or substances.
I hope this is helpful for you and also try to follow your therapy. It will definitely give results.

I would advise you to increase your therapy meetings and be as clear as possible about the situation with your therapist. He/She will understand the seriousness and urgency of this matter, and you will most likely find a solution. Good luck!

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. The other forum members gave you good advice. I would suggest that you take your boyfriend with you when you go for therapy or if you do it online. I hope that he will get a better understanding of living with OCD and maybe be a little more patient with your condition.

Maybe just find someone who has OCD, too, so he understands you. Otherwise, as someone else mentioned already, take him with you to therapy at some point. If you have a good therapist they will explain to him more about the disorder and how to be more supportive.

This is such comprehensive advice. Thank you so much sister. I try to gradually expose myself to things that cause me anxiety in the way you suggested.

No, I am really fond of him :frowning: . But I am thankful for the second part of your advice friend.

Well, self-respect is more important, but I hope you are good now.

I am way better, and he is starting to understand what I’m dealing with. I also really appreciate your help Joe. :purple_heart:

You are welcome. Let me know if I can help further. I am not an expert, but you know, I am in a good mood today.

Maybe you can share what most helped you deal with OCD. I would appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to hear my opinion, training with weights helped me the most. If you are not a sporty person, do long walks in nature or try hiking. Being in nature without using your phone helps tremendously.

I am not so good with weights, though. I was brought up like a princess, so only cardio and pilates for me. :innocent: :grinning:. However, thank you for the advice, I love nature and will try to spend more time outside.

Keep going then, princess. Cardio will help you support your mental health a give you an additional brain boost.

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Of course, I will share. I accepted the fact that I have OCD and started looking at it more from a funny perspective. If I act or I am about to act weirdly, then I try to turn it into a joke. Obviously, my case is not severe, which I can only be grateful for.

I will start looking at it from a funny perspective more often as you do. I laugh many situations off, but it’s the more tricky part when anxiety hits.

Try drinking lemon balm tea, or do like me and have valerian pills with you when you feel anxious. I just shared on another thread how helpful those natural herbs are for me.

Then experiment with techniques that ease your anxiety times. Many things work differently for each individual, so find out what helps you through those hard times.

Overall, I have the things that help me most, but not when I am at my worst. Sometimes I cant find a solution to the anxiety that strikes at specific times. I wonder if it’s like this for everyone, or at least most of you here.

Partly yes. I mean, it depends on how often you feel overwhelmed by your periods and their intensity. Judging by your words, I think you need further treatment because you seem to suffer too much from your OCD at specific times.