Weird obssessions

I often experience some weird thoughts about particular objects or people that seem to bother me. For instance, I need to count to a certain number, or something bad will happen to me or others. I should not go to that meeting, otherwise, this person will have a bad influence on my faith. I should not go to an event because I might be involved in an accident. Thoughts like these all of a sudden sabotage me, and most of the time, I end up staying home. I don’t even know what type of ocd is if it’s even ocd…

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I experience similar obsessions, too, and never asked myself about a specific diagnosis. I hope someone gives us an answer. :thinking:

I get what you mean. I am also weird with how I communicate with people and sometimes understand them and ensure I am understood properly. I guess your obsessions and my problems are associated with more imperfections in our brain chemistry, which cause ocd in the first place. I think we need to talk to a very good specialist who will take us seriously or possibly do some brain scan? :thinking:

What you are saying about the chemistry in the brain makes a lot of sense. Maybe there is some perfect medication or combination of such that can fill in those gaps? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The idea of finding a medication or combination of medications that can help balance the chemistry in the brain is a common approach for managing conditions like ADHD and related challenges. I guess it’s up to the therapist’s practise and knowledge to find the right ones for the specific case.

I see, but that adds to the uncertainty to try without a guarantee that the medication will work. :frowning:

I understand your concern but try not to worry too much if the medication will fail its purpose. Dealing with ocd is not easy and that’s why sometimes we should be willing to walk through the unknown.

Yeah, but that’s too much of uncertainty. Many people can’t deal with this, and I am certainly one of those people.