Weird obssessions

I often experience some weird thoughts about particular objects or people that seem to bother me. For instance, I need to count to a certain number, or something bad will happen to me or others. I should not go to that meeting, otherwise, this person will have a bad influence on my faith. I should not go to an event because I might be involved in an accident. Thoughts like these all of a sudden sabotage me, and most of the time, I end up staying home. I don’t even know what type of ocd is if it’s even ocd…

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I experience similar obsessions, too, and never asked myself about a specific diagnosis. I hope someone gives us an answer. :thinking:

I get what you mean. I am also weird with how I communicate with people and sometimes understand them and ensure I am understood properly. I guess your obsessions and my problems are associated with more imperfections in our brain chemistry, which cause ocd in the first place. I think we need to talk to a very good specialist who will take us seriously or possibly do some brain scan? :thinking: