Fear of harming the people i love the most

Hi there again, I’ve been battling my harm ocd, and it’s all been fine during the last year. However, I still experience fear of accidentally harming two of the people I love the most. I can’t stop fearing I might do that without noticing, and I genuinely prefer to die than harm them. I wish to know if someone who mainly overcame the condition still experiences harm ocd intrusions only to specific people in their life.

Hi Travis, from time to time, It’s normal to feel the way you do. Those recurring harm-related thoughts are a common facet of OCD, which reoccur occasionally. Employ the techniques you’ve learned, like exposure and response prevention, to confront them and if you don’t see an improvement, consider contacting a specialist.

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As far as I know, recovery from OCD doesn’t always mean that all intrusive thoughts or fears disappear entirely. Specific obsessions may continue to surface, especially during stress or when facing triggers related to your fears. Maybe try to find the triggers.

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Try to find a partner to engage in calming activities or relaxation techniques together when you are experiencing heightened anxiety due to your OCD symptoms. A supportive person can make a significant difference in your harm OCD challenges.

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Thanks for the advice. My last experience with a specialist was rather unsatisfactory since all I got was two types of medication that didn’t do almost anything for me.

I honestly tried and found out that I am less prone to similar thoughts when I am relaxed and not around many people, but then it means I have to stop working to be mainly in a safe environment.

I haven’t thought about this, and it might be a challenge, but I can see what I can do.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You must clearly explain that you need support, and you will see how those who deeply care about you will be ready to help.

You can pursue work-from-home or hybrid working conditions if that suits your profession. I know it sounds like a drastic change, but your well-being is in first place after all.

It’s a really drastic change for me. I need to do a lot of planning to end up there someday. I can’t do it right away unless I win the lottery.