Avoiding certain people and places due to fear of absorbing their energy

I am not sure how to explain, but I was advised by my sister to join a community where I can talk about my condition. The thing is that sometimes I get specific thoughts that someone I meet or a place I’m going to will bring me bad luck, or I will get that energy somehow. I even avoid saying certain words. I have another type of OCD, which I manage well. However, when I look back, I have always been like this, but recently I get laughed at and questioned about my actions related to avoiding certain people without an apparent reason. I am open to hearing your opinions and advice about this. Please help because I don’t want to look weird anymore in the eyes of others.

I have always been like that too. However, in my opinion, I consider it as a superpower and supernatural gut feeling. As long as I ignore its obsessive side, it does not bother me. Try to look at it from that perspective.

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This is an interesting angle to look from. I also think that there is some grain of truth in that hypersensitivity. However, it can be way too disturbing in certain cases, most likely in the authors situation. Therefore, i will suggest that he seeks a professional advice.

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Try exposure and response prevention therapy. There are a few topics about it in this forum and plenty of information online. Shortly, it will help you by gradually exposing yourself to your thoughts without engaging in compulsions or avoidant behaviors.

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I thought of going back to my therapist and asking her about a good way to solve this. I don’t believe that I will completely stop feeling that way about some people. However, at least I can learn to make it less obvious somehow.

Talking with a profesionalist is a well-grounded decision. I can see that since the other people around you started to notice it is severe and you find it challenging to deal with it yourself.

I do indeed. The worst part is that the more I try not to think about all that crap that comes to my mind, the more frustrated I become. However, I am optimistic that I will learn to cope with those thoughts.

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You will. I guess it’s partly true that when we communicate with someone, we exchange energy. However, you should realize that when you don’t become emotionally attached to someone, they can’t have a significant influence on you. You choose who are your friends, lovers, etc., which is the most important.

Thanks, man, you are great. I hope you are well with your life. I understand what you mean, and I will start reminding myself of your words every time I am about to freak out.

I am all fine now, thanks for asking. If you have some mental struggles or what to talk about, you can count me as your digital OCD buddy.

Instead of avoiding the people that make you feel scared of their energy, you should talk more to them. That way, you will learn that there is nothing wrong happening to you afterward.

I think your advice makes a lot of sense. However, sometimes the feeling is solid, and the belief that this person can be a curse if we continue talking to them is genuine. I have experienced it only a few times in my life, and all I could do was run silently away.

This is how I would describe it too. I am happy to see that someone knows what the horror of those intrusive thoughts feels like. I only wish I was in the shoes of Sawan and that those events could be just a few times in my life instead of more often.

I still believe you need to take more action to overcome the intensity of those thoughts. If you do it gradually, you will undoubtedly reach progress over time.

Sometimes I feel ready and motivated, while other times, I feel that it will always be like that. Interestingly, those I have around me and whom I never felt anything against are sweet and lovely individuals. Maybe I have a superpower of filtering unpleasant people from the beginning, who knows?

You can choose to treat it as a superpower. However, you should also work on not bothering you as it is now. Moreover, making it less visible to others will save you from potential confrontations and awkward social situations.

I often have that fear about some member of my family going to a particular place. I fear that something bad might happen to them. Does anyone here have the same problem?

I am not afraid of confrontation. However, you have a right to say that I should learn how to handle my emotions better to appear like a well-mannered person.

I sometimes feel that way for my family members too. Do you have an OCD or any other mental disorder diagnosis?

I don’t have an official diagnosis, but I worry too much about my and my family’s health. I could see there is a hypochondriac type of OCD, so I probably have this type. I have no wish to spend money and time going to doctors about it, though.