Do you often feel that you are a bad person in the eyes of God?

My post about religious OCD is more to encourage than ask a certain question. Being a muslim with OCD I suffered for many years thinking that God hates me for the thoughts I experience. It was only a few months ago that I decided to take the things in my hands and learn more about OCD disorder and how to get help. After reading tens of books about OCD and starting practicing mindfulness I know that I have no fault in what comes to my mind. That’s why I really want to give this example to everyone who is being tortured by the feeling of being a terrible person in the eyes of God. Stay safe :pray:

Hi @Sawan can you recommend any good OCD books?

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I feel really touched by your story. It is really close to what I experienced too, especially when I was a teenager. I used to be really adventurous and always at the back of my mind I could feel that God does not support what I’m doing and something really bad will happen.

Oh yes Kristin, plenty of them. Maybe start with “Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques” by David Veale and Robert Willson. I am sure will be really beneficial for you.

Yes, I can relate too. Even years after that I had the same intrusions. But now is different and I am so happy that we are here to help each other heal. :pray:

I would say that I very often feel that I do something wrong. The feelings of doubt and regret are so part of me that i don’t even stress about being a bad person anymore. My mind somehow accepted that i am :sweat_smile:

I’ve read the summary and just bought it in pdf. Thank you so much for the recommendation, I will give back the favor.

Oh, this response provoked mixed emotions in me. It sounds funny and sad at the same time. I believe we should work on building our confidence even with the presence of ocd. After all, we deserve a lot and should not miss out on life.

To be honest, I feel confident with myself even though I still experience some OCD symptoms. I assume that this is mainly due to the fact that I have tried many types of therapies and continue to read books about OCD. Reading really helps me. What is your opinion on this matter?

Let me know whether you liked the book. As said, reading makes a tremendous difference in understanding OCD.

I feel confident in general but I get what you mean. Managing OCD symptoms takes time and effort so with the proper methods and consistency everything gets better.

This is admirable. I am not really patient with reading but doing sports on a daily basis is what really makes me feel confident even with the presence of OCD.

I never thought that there is such type of OCD. How do you manage to get better with your religious OCD @Sawan?

What helps me the most is mindfulness and the support from my family. Also, I eliminated the most stressful factors in my life, including my past stressful job.

You did well in eliminating stress factors. Also, I wish to have such a fantastic family like yours one day.

Thank you so much for the kind words. It took me a lot of effort to make my life as it now but i can be only glad for the things that happened. I am sure you will have an amazing family in the future too my friend :pray:

Thank you, brother. You are one of my favorite members here. I am sure you deserve the best and never feel like a bad person no matter what your OCD tells you.