OCD Awareness

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OCD Awareness: How to Understand and Help Those with OCD If you suffer from Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD), you most likely know that it is a mental health condition that can cause severe anxiety and distress. You might also be aware that it often manifests as unwanted thoughts or repetitive behaviors and has many other subtypes.…

“Ruminating on OCD obsession is like praying for something you don’t want.” - this quote is spot on. Also, it’s the first time I hear about OCD awareness week. I will definitely research for events in my area or something happening online.

My favorite quote is, “I wouldn’t be so OCD if everyone else just did it right.” It resonates most with me because I want everything I do to be perfect.

What about this - “I wait for the morning of my tears.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe :crazy_face: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Haha, this made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. I will save it as my favorite quote relating to OCD. Also, I wish that everybody here is well and safe. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for the fantastic wishes. Then you will like this quote also :grin:
" Next time I lose my mind, I swear not to look for it anymore."

I love it also :joy: Please find me more if you have the time, of course.
Those quotes speak a thousand words just with a sentence.

“I don’t have OCD. I checked three or four hundred times, and I definitely don’t have it.” :rofl:

Ahaha, can I pay you to find me more quotes? :rofl:
I googled once and couldn’t find something hilarious at first glance.

Normally I would accept, but here, everything we post is visible to the others, so technically, it’s for everyone. You need to go through more pages, and you will indeed find something funny. I agree that you need to spend more time than usual though.

It doesn’t work when I am trying to find it myself. Please find more quotes for me or someone else from here. I don’t try to be annoying, but maybe I am a little.

Cool bro, I am giving you another 10 minutes of my life trying to find something funny.
"I have CDO. It’s like OCD, but the letters are in order like they should be.
Enjoy :smile:

Ohh, I know this one :sweat_smile: Thank you, Joe, for the effort. Please tell me how I can make it up to you.

Well, very easy. Spend at least half an hour which I did trying to find all of the quotes above. During that time, try to find a quote that beats all these. You can even create your own for that time, by the way.

Nicely calculated, my friend. However, I never forced you to do anything, so your time is given voluntarily to me and the others who read the thread. When I have that much time, I will search for a quote too.

I never thought you could be such a cheeky pizza guy/girl. No more quotes from me until you do one of the abovementioned things.

I was joking, my friend. I hope I didn’t annoy you much. :smile:
Alright, let me see what quote I should come up with today …
“I have raging OCD, but thanks to laziness, it all balances out, and no one ever notices.”

Haha, that’s a good one. I am not sure mine is better than this but listen:
“The first rule of the OCD club is that there has to be a second rule so that we have an even number of rules”

I very much like that one because I utterly despise uneven numbers :rofl: I hope someone else can add more quotes because I feel uncomfortable wasting your time that much.