EMDR therapy for OCD

Hello, my name is Jesper. I have read several posts and haven’t found anything about EMDR therapy. I live in Scandinavia, and my therapist suggested trying this therapy for my harm OCD. I wish someone could share their honest thoughts about it and more details during the process.

I have heard that EMDR is efficient in making you calmer and more content with your condition. However, I don’t remember reading some opinions about it here in the forum. I am curious to know more about it, so I will gladly follow the topic.

That’s why I am actively searching for some opinions in the forums and communities. If someone replies from another community, I can forward you the answer :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Jesper. Have you considered discussing the therapy’s potential pros and cons with your therapist? I felt it was an excellent way to learn more about it, especially since he/she suggested it to you.

I can discuss it anytime with my therapist, but I usually need a few opinions before making a final decision. However, maybe you have a point here … I believe my therapist is competent enough, so I should try it.

I am happy that I managed to help you. Please share with us the process of this therapy and whether you find it effective. It would be new information that we haven’t discussed here.

I will surely write back when I have some impressions. For now, I am enthusiastic about it and have a feeling that it will help me. Take care all :four_leaf_clover:

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