Medication and low sex drive

Part of my treatment includes taking antidepressants, and recently I noticed that it negatively affects my sex drive. I find it hard to sustain my arousal, and this fact makes me feel even worse than before. I read online that this is a common side effect of antidepressants. Do you know how to cope with it?

There was a period when I was also taking medication that made me feel numb to the outside world. I quickly realized that I no longer needed medication and opted for therapy. I suggest you explore your options for other treatment possibilities as well.

I was taking medication for another health issue in the past and had the same problem. In this situation, I can advise you to either reduce the dosage of the pills you take or talk to your doctor about an alternative medication.

I have been on medication for quite some years now and have rarely experienced similar issues. And I am not sure if it was solely from the drugs or something else. Of course, it depends on your medication, so I suggest you discuss that with your therapist.

I feel uncomfortable asking about it yet. I am new to all this. I read your suggestion a few days ago and tried to reduce the dosage, and I think that it helped to some extent but not entirely for now.

I will definitely explore more options. What did help you the most?

I found ERP extremely effective for me, but I must note that you need to find a great therapist. I firmly believe that ERP is effective in most cases; it’s just that some people don’t go to a good therapist, which makes it less effective or ineffective for them.