Support for Pure O OCD

I get what you mean, but there should be at least one person close to you with whom you feel comfortable talking about your condition and struggles. Some people are natural empaths, and they feel good when they listen to and help others with advice. Try to think about who that might be.

I am not sure I can think of someone so patient and empathetic in my social circle. Or maybe I feel too uncomfortable being considered too weak. For now, I prefer to share my insecurities here. It’s easier when nobody knows me.

I respect your decision, but sometimes there should be someone close by whom we can call and hug when we need them. Holding all negative emotions inside yourself is poisonous to your soul. I’m talking from experience.

Every time I have a hardship, I don’t know how to tell others and seek help. I am always filled with those back thoughts that people are not supposed to think about my problems. What would you suggest for becoming more accepting of myself and learning to seek help from others?

Well, ask yourself whether you will be genuinely happy to help a friend or family member during a hard time. Most likely, you will, and your closest people feel the same way about helping you too.

That’s correct. I would do everything for those I love. You convinced me to open up about my struggles in front of some of them. At least I will try and see what happens.

I am curious to know whether you had any success doing so. I mean, I am sure your closest people were supportive of you. I want to ensure that you feel greatly relieved by sharing your heart with them.