Websites where you can get a free initial OCD consulatition

Dear community members, I have gathered a few websites that offer free OCD initial consultation. I could see that some of you are in doubt whether you have OCD or were just freshly diagnosed with the condition. It is always helpful to search for a second opinion or try out how you feel speaking about your condition for the first time.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Please add more websites or anything that you wish to add. Take care. :pray:

Posting those websites with free consultation is such a great idea @Sawan. I am curious to know whether you tried a free consultation from some of them.

I tried a complimentary consultation before which was a gift for a yearly subscription. The woman on the phone was kind and helpful, but it felt like trying a bite when I was starving. In most cases, you get what you pay for, so eventually, you will most likely need to visit a therapist physically.

I am actually interested in getting a consultation from some of those sites. I will update you once I’m done with it.

I am interested also. Mainly due to curiosity, though. Let’s try the first option and compare the results :slightly_smiling_face:

This is impressive. I was wondering with whom to talk about my newly discovered OCD issues. I hope some of those specialists help me…

I clicked on the first link and scheduled a consultation last week. I had it a few hours ago and pretended that I didn’t know much about the disorder. The woman on the phone was kind, but I need more consultations to get a proper assessment. Anyway, I recommend you to try it out too.

You really tried it out. That’s amazing. Now I will do it too. :sweat_smile:

I haven’t been active for a long time, sorry. I will schedule a consultation next week because I am interested in the outcome. Hearing about your experience helped me decide to try it out too.

Glad to see you back, Alex. I would not say that this trial consultation will make things clear to you, but it’s a great start to see that there is nothing strange about talking to a professional about your struggles.

I decided to have a call with someone who goes to support group meetings almost weekly. We talked a lot yesterday, and he changed my mind about support groups, so now I am going to a meeting next week.

That’s fantastic. I like the fact that you found exactly what suits you best. Your story should be an example of how getting out there and meeting people with the same problem as yours can change people’s perspectives for the better.

I don’t need the group therapy sessions that much to get support, but because of curiosity and maybe sharing with others, what helped me take control over the intrusive thoughts, which used to affect me a lot. The support group meeting went great, and I managed to say I wanted to the others but what surprised me was the feeling that not everyone was willing to try new approaches out of their current ones.

I understand what you mean. Weirdly, you observed that people were unwilling to try new approaches. I see two reasons for this - they have either tried enough things that didn’t work or don’t believe that something apart from the traditional methods would work.

I rarely see such a large group of people with such a same point of view. It honestly made me sick. I am sure this is not the case with most groups, but I prefer not to attend this one anymore.

There is no reason to go there again if the whole atmosphere and people made you strongly dislike the group. I can assure you that you will like attending those group meetings once you find the right support group for you.

There is no other group closer to where I live. Do you know if some support groups have meetings online, like on platforms like Zoom or Skype? Similar group will suit me the most.

I haven’t joined similar support groups myself, but I found some information that might be useful for you.
It looks like there are a lot of online groups, and I am sure there are at least a few you will like.

Oh, that’s fantastic. I can’t believe you spend the time to find those groups for me. Thank you so much, thats precious information for me. I will gladly return the favour.

I had a few minutes of spare time that evening. Please make the best use of the information without giving me something in return. Those groups can be helpful not only to you but to other current and future members of the community. :hugs: