Websites where you can get a free initial OCD consulatition

You were right. I tried what you suggested and was positively surprised by the answers I got. I could also ask for more ideas and keep going until I found something I could use for my situation.

We live in constantly changing times, and learning to get an advantage is crucial. Next, you should try using the ai as a therapist or assistant to help your ocd journey.

I already have it as an assistant. I love new technologies as long as they are helpful and not addictive. In this case, people should definitely take advantage of ai to improve their ocd.

That’s impressive, haha. I am still figuring out the possible advantages of having an ai assistant. Maybe you can share how it helps you so I can get some inspiration.

Sure thing. I am way more structured and complete almost all my tasks. When I am confused or lazy, I ask my ai assistant for advice on completing the task the fastest way possible. It’s kind of cool overall.

It definitely sounds cool the way you depict it. Having a free ai assistant instead of paying for a virtual one … which is a human … ew!! :smile:

You are funny. :sweat_smile: Honestly, it can’t replace a human assistant, but for me, it’s convenient as I wouldn’t say I like to interact much with others, even online. Knowing it’s a robot and a smart one, I am super happy.

Sure thing, some people prefer not to have much human interaction regarding business. Sometimes I am one of them so I will try to get some robot assistant too.

I ideally get that. Did you succeed in getting robot assistance, or do you need help from the master? :sunglasses:

You might laugh, but my daughter helps me with reminders and with some simple daily tasks. I am teaching her to be more focused and service minded while I get some use of her help too.